Empty Desk Solutions on LinkedIn

Empty Desk Solutions on LinkedIn

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What platforms should your business use? Check out this article on the advantages and disadvantages of some of the most popular platforms: https://bit.ly/2Y4Df3i

Do you need some marketing clarity? I want to hop on zoom with you! Last chance today for the intro price on my 'Pick my Brain' sessions - snag yours! Visit emptydesksolutions.ca and fill out our contact form if you want in ;)

Many bloggers and business owners don’t realize the importance of building an email list when they’re first starting out. Most people usually change their minds when they see the impact email lists can have on someone else’s traffic and revenue. Read the full article here: https://bit.ly/2XMnxbw

Quick tip from the EDS team: Make sure you respond to negative feedback as well as positive, don’t ignore it!

Animoto is an easy way to create videos for your social media platforms, no editing experience required. 😉 Let us know if you try it! https://bit.ly/3jKJfFO

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