December 3, 2019 - Brittany Garlin

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How To Become a More Customer Centric B2B Organization

In a dream world you would retain every customer that interacts with your business. But that’s not always the case, a typical American business will lose 15 percent of its customers each year.

If a clients’ first experience of your agency is chaotic and unorganized, they are far less likely to trust you further downstream. Make sure your organization has a great on boarding strategy implemented. For smaller agencies, it’s not uncommon to burn through an entire client list in one year. 

Many agencies recognize the importance of focusing on the customer’s experience. To drive results and growth for their clients, being customer centric is simply good for business. Unfortunately most companies do not apply that same focus to their own acquisition strategy. According to Forrester, only 23 percent of B2B companies have embraced a customer centric approach to their organizational structures. When striving to become a more customer centric company, consider the following strategies to ensure success.

Define The Purpose

Building a culture of customer centricity requires a clear vision and set of values to create a shared foundation. It’s important for employees to understand their role in this initiative. The message should be distributed clearly and consistently.

Throughout the transformation, reiterate the vision in multiple ways and make it part of the company’s DNA. It’s essential that every person know their part in the vision to understand how it can be achieved.

Invest In Your Employees

Most agencies, especially ones in performance advertising, focus on a KPI or promised outcome. This may be a dramatic shift for your organization, training may be needed to ensure the success of the initiative. Skills that support customer centricity include teamwork and collaboration, process improvement, innovation, proactivity, creativity, and communication. Each employee will represent the company and must understand how important their role is to the overall goal. This change in mindset and behaviour will require new skills. Implement tools to make sue individuals have the resources needed to influence positive customer experience.

Communicate Clearly and Often

Any new initiative in an organization requires clear and frequent communication in order for it to take hold and for new habits to form. The employees that have direct communication with the clients will have the best understanding of what they are looking for and their current pain points. The information that these employees receive is very valuable to the success of being customer centric and it’s important for the management staff to remember that. Set up easily accessible mechanisms, such as monthly surveys and space for sharing customer stories, for employees to provide feedback and contribute ideas. This will also help empower them to continue contributing in a way that supports a customer centric culture.

Track and Report Progress

Client they want to know that their marketing is paying off and working. You may provide this information to them in weekly or monthly reports. When in the midst of a culture shift, it’s important to track the progress of their initiative. This might include fewer product returns, more referrals, a higher Net Promoter Score, fewer complaints, less churn, more renewals, or other metrics. Celebrate successes to motivate employees to continue the activities and behaviors that support customer centricity.


In a highly competitive industry, it’s important to give your organization a competitive edge. Clients will remember the positive experience they had with your agency which will help in retaining current customers and establishing credibility in the industry. By setting a clear vision, providing training, and tracking the success of the goal with workforce management tools it is possible for your business to become customer-centric.

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