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3 Reviews

Boundify is a great company! They helped me establish a PPC campaign for a business startup and are currently helping me refine and improve a very large Google Ads account for another business. They are very knowledgeable, great to work with, and professional.

Dan Frist

Dec 5, 2019

Implementing a Facebook campaign for Thingealogy® seemed an overwhelming task until we brought in the experts at Boundify. Emilio Garcia and his team are very professional and provide great value. They explained the process, created the ads, set up our system, reported results and increased traffic to Thingealogy by a high percentage. They provide a valuable service and and quality results.

ThingealogyTM LLC

May 4, 2020

Excellent company. Responsive and helpful. We have received many referrals and leads from the start with an increasing response over time. Over 200 customers after 2 1/2 months. Their platform allows us to tract our responses and keep up with interactions so that the contacts do not go "stale". Not only can we see he phone number area but the IP site which we have been contacted from by email. Boundify allows us to track Facebook, Google and other advertising to see what works best. Recommend for a busy diverse marketing campaign.

skip russell

Oct 2, 2019

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