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David Martin Design LLC

50 reviews

David Martin Design LLC

50 reviews

Founded 2004 · Bloomington, Indiana, US  · https://davidmartindesign.com/

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Agency Vista Reviews

We've enjoyed working with David Martin Design.

Adam Nahas

50 Reviews

Helped us port our site to Wordpress. David is knowledgeable and professional.

Joseph Whittington

Feb 20, 2020

Deb Terzino

Feb 18, 2018

We've enjoyed working with David Martin Design.

Adam Nahas

Jan 12, 2021

6 years ago, after trying 2 designers, we drove from Columbus, IN to meet with David to design our website. He met our expectations with his design and also provided much information how to keep the blog site of recipes and products going. We are appreciative of his knowledge and experience on design and computers. Recently thankful to David for getting "gremlins" out of our computers. He has been our "go-to-guy."

Julia Ann

Jul 11, 2019

David Martin has helped me create a website which I am thrilled about. Being a person over 65, I am not very tech savvy ! But he is always very patient and very clear and always calm. I recommend him very highly !!!

Henry Leck

Nov 29, 2020

David is a fine web guy!!

Joe Grant

Jul 11, 2019

David knows quite a bit technically with regard to the digital universe. He is skilled with website design, on-going maintenance, and has an up-to-date awareness of resources to grow presence. One of his finest assets is his ability to teach and reassure clients. This is essential for those of us for whom navigating the world wide web can sometimes be intimidating.

Tom Roznowski

May 1, 2020

We are very happy with the level of service and expertise we receive from David Martin Design. Dave is extremely prompt in responding to any questions we have and always provides helpful solutions and suggestions. He is professional, timely, and CREATIVE. We highly recommend him for all your web design needs. Thanks Dave and keep up the great work!

Mary McGuire

Sep 1, 2020

David's has shown great skill in usage of color and font to bring attention to my site. Communicates very well to keep up to date per the changing seasons and has been able to accommodate every request I've made. I'm really proud of our webpage!

Michael Sullivan

Feb 7, 2017

I am a technophobe.David set up a beautiful, functional website for me. I think he is brilliant. He made it a pleasant experience and he explained what I was able to understand with kindness and respect. My website is gorgeous! I am so happy. I highly recommend David’s skill and service.

Veda Stanfield

Dec 3, 2019

David did my restaurant's web design and it was fantastic! He made a such a positive impact on our business. He is the only guy that I would recommend using. He always went above and beyond!

Troy Donovan

Jul 15, 2019

Dave was absolutely fantastic with helping me and the business I work for. 10/10.

Cassidi Griffin

Jan 12, 2021

Dave took the time out of his Sunday to help me problem solve my social media account when I was locked out and unable to get any help or support from the platform. He is such a kind and patient person. I am so grateful for his help and expertise.

Jessie Cooper

Jan 31, 2021

Dave was beyond helpful!! He has a great way of explaining things and is very insightful as to how to maximize my site's functionality and visibility - Highly recommended.

The Wizardcast

Dec 10, 2020

David is great to work with. He is very knowledgeable in what he does and works closely with you to understand the needs of your business. Would highly recommend!

Courtenay Smith

May 18, 2020

David knows how to optimize your digital online presence. Saturated in current trends, technology, and designs he understands how to help you reach potential clients and streamlines the development of well designed websites. As a designer myself, working with my own clients, I consistently get positive feedback on my recommendation of David. Everyone needs a beautiful, fast loading effective website and David consistently makes it happen. Thank you David.

Patrick Siney

Dec 7, 2020

David helped cookbookinabox start our website in 2014. We have worked with him since, helping us with understanding posting, blogging and utilizing the web. He's very helpful in troubleshooting our computers. David is now assisting me to update my website. We appreciate his professionalism and vast knowledge of technology. Julia

Julia Souders

Sep 16, 2019

David is timely and professional in the work on our website. Highly recommend him and is great to work with.

Julia Ann Souders

Feb 15, 2020

Over the past few years, David has been an integral part to my businesses success. He has assisted with the majority of my network, website design/functionality, and hosting need plus many other needs that are just too numerous to mention. I'd highly reccomend DMD to anyone looking for web help. I tried other amateur web designers or web hosting specialists, but none of them were the whole package. In this case, it is definitely worth paying the extra cost to get a responsive, quality professional, than trying to save a buck. Thanks Dave for all of your ongoing help

Adam Nahas

Jan 5, 2017

First let me say Thank you to David and to his family for allowing me the opportunity. He is above all patient and truly cares about all aspects of your website. Especially to those who are hi tech challenged. Namely me. He puts the thought into the small details that will make it easier you down the road to get the most from your website. I would highly recommend you give him a shot if you find yourself needing a website or want yours refreshed. Thanks David! Jim

Little Tykes

May 28, 2019

We turned to David to convert the http Pizza X website to a secure https website. He did a great job; explained the steps of the task, was right there in the neighborhood of his initial quote, was patient and helpful with us as we tracked down the info he needed to accomplish the task. Thank you David!

ryan rankert

Jun 30, 2019

I contacted David after doing a search online for someone local to assist me with my website. He was very prompt and suggested we discuss what needed worked on via messenger as peoples schedules can conflict. He was very patient and friendly explaining what all the items pertained to and what needed to be worked on a little better. I would recommend him to anyone that needed assistance, thanks again.

Tony Keeley

Aug 24, 2013

David helped us quickly fix our homemade website after it was hacked. He quickly got the site back up and running and made recommendations to avoid future unauthorized access in the future. He is very knowledgeable and very easy to work with.

Karen Huss

Jul 13, 2020

Professional, knowledgeable, and very responsive! +5 stars!!

John Laughlin

Aug 11, 2020

David did an excellent job updating and redesigning our website. He is very knowledgeable on web design and very easy to work with. In addition, he is managing our company email traffic and results have been terrific. I would recommend David to anyone looking to upgrade their website and increase web traffic. -Tom Cornwell

Tom Cornwell

May 14, 2018

We enjoyed working with David. He created a website that we wanted step by step. He was willing to listen to our suggestions while also providing ideas we hadn't thought of. He is very knowledgeable about web design, and he is able to convey this knowledge in a friendly, patient manner. His overall knowledge of computers and computer programs is amazing, and he gave us many hints and suggestions.

Reza Pishgahi

Jun 1, 2012

We truly appreciate David working quickly and efficiently to get our business website back up and on-line! Timeliness was extremely important and David delivered! Thanks

Bridgette Chitwood

Oct 10, 2016

David created some eye catching visuals and made Easy Go Lawn Cares site look so professional. Always Prompt to return calls and email and makes changes within a few days!

Michael Sullivan

Nov 18, 2016

We contacted David to review our website and offer any suggestions that might enhance what we are already doing. David responded quickly and professionally allowing us to meet and get started almost immediately. David had already reviewed our site prior to our first phone conversation and had some wonderful suggestions for improving our site to maximize both user experience and create more visibility for our site. David worked quickly, explained every change and was a true pleasure to work with. Davids pricing is completely fair and his work was perfect. I wholeheartedly recommend David as a trusted partner for your website needs.

Jeff Norris

Mar 2, 2020

I "911-called" web designer David when malware hacked its way into my online banking accounts. He kindly made a house call at 4:00 on a Friday---the outer limit of IT valor. He listened well. He slew the virtual demon. He adjusted things. He left a folder of links and reading on my taskbar to prevent future skulduggery. He even provided laughs to end a very bad week. I look forward to working with David in his real field, web design. Good guy.

Sharon Roualet

Jul 30, 2019

David works to develop a great business relationship. Very detailed oriented. Takes care of requests very quickly.

Thorn Damon

Feb 3, 2020

Will come to your business and go through each step with you to make sure you get what you want!

Twin H Tree Farm

Sep 17, 2019

David is excellent at thoroughly explaining the process and what the services he provides entails. He responds very quickly, is professional, and great to work with.

Sable Beyers

Oct 21, 2019

I have worked with David for a few years and have used him from time to time to get my website or emails cleaned up and working properly. I am always truly amazed at his expertise and efficiency. Over the years I have not posed any problem that he has not been able to solve within a very short period of time. I would recommend David to anyone without hesitation.

Bruce Norton

Sep 3, 2020

Dave of David Martin Design built and designed our website. He is always available for help or questions and is very professional. Built By You would highly recommend David Martin Design for your new website and graphic designing needs!

Built by YOU

Aug 24, 2020

David Martin Design is highly recommended for their knowledge and skill in website design and hosting services.

Rod Armes

Oct 15, 2020

Helpful and thorough assistance. Very patient and a good instructor. I've learned a lot in a short time. Proactive assistance for what you need to get done. Thanks David!!

Keith Uridel

Dec 20, 2018

Put it succinctly, Dave knows his stuff. He is always available to work on your project, and will make sure that the project continues to be updated and looking fantastic. I would highly recommend him!

Shaun M O'Connor

Feb 15, 2020

David Martin is quick and skilled to pull out any tool for you and honor any wish you have with developing a website that make people stand out between many others in the same brand. Any wish I had or change I wanted was updated 5 minutes later. He is very helpful and gives you several options to choose from that fits your brand or website the best.

Chiel Meijering

Jan 11, 2021

David really helped me get my with the parts of my website I definitely wasn't able to do alone.... his knowledge was invaluable.

Linette B

Jul 8, 2020

I have worked with David Martin Design for many years on many projects. David cares deeply about his work and customers and is always ready to make your web site dream a reality. Simply the BEST!

Warren Smith

Jan 2, 2017

David did a great job! He’s responsive, organized, and generally cares about helping us grow our business. From beginning to end David was attentive to our needs and delivered a great website. Highly recommend his services!

Steve Groh

Mar 21, 2019

David Martin has worked on my Websites for many years and has always done professional an excellent work. He keeps up on all the new technology needed to make my website seen by my customers. If I have any problems with my site, he fixes is right away. He is also very knowledgeable on all the new social network technology needed to keep my website out there. I highly recommend him to do any Website job anyone needs to have done.

Joe Grant

Jun 1, 2012

David is awesome!! His knowledge and expertise in computer technology is unsurpassed. He came to my home, worked with my computer, explained everything he did in a laymen's term that I could understand. His ability to work with Google amazed me. He showed me many things that Google is capable of performing. He simplified folders for my photos, my files, and my desktop icons. He was also brilliant in syncing my new Samsung Note 7 with my computer and giving instruction on how to operate the Android system. I would recommend David for any and all of your computer needs!!

rosalee trimble

Oct 6, 2016

Brian Dahlberg

Feb 3, 2020

Whether I am looking for help with simple tech solutions that help improve my productivity or when working on involved projects such as website design, David listens, considers multiple solutions, and then takes the time to help me understand. In other words, I walk away with the sense that I have been heard and my problems have been solved by someone who genuinely wants to help!

Angela Reiniche

Sep 3, 2019

David goes above and beyond the client’s expectations and he will not accept anything other than complete satisfaction. I recommend David Martin Design to any small business looking for a custom website. It’s wonderful to have a local “go-to” tech wizard who can help me with all of my website and tech questions and concerns.

Rebecca Dilger

Jun 22, 2019

David is the best. Not only does he know his stuff better than anyone I know, but he also knows that I don't know my stuff. For me, the back end of my website is like a haunted house with trap doors, dark corridors, and trouble lurking behind every corner. David patiently leads me through the secret places of my site and sheds light on how everything works.

The Ryder Magazine & Film Series

Mar 26, 2020

One of our computers did something very unusual that we were told would be a very complicated fix and that was rarely encountered. David eagerly accepted the challenge and within minutes found the source of the trouble, and had our computer completely repaired and running perfectly. His calm and confident approach was very reassuring and we will call upon David for help in the future without hesitation! Great experience!

Sally Brinser

Jul 13, 2013

David solved our problem very quickly. as well as giving us some very good advice to avoid future issues. His rates were more than reasonable . I recommend his services very highly.

TimberHawk Bows

Apr 17, 2021

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