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Keith Dream

3 reviews

Keith Dream

3 reviews

Founded 2017 · Hiroshima  ·

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3 Reviews

Building a website can be super stressful but Keith is extremely knowledgeable, communicative, friendly, helpful, and fun when building a website for you. He was able to take my ideas and transform them in the exact ways I wanted. I would recommend him to anyone looking to refresh or re-brand their website!

Natalie Huggins

Mar 3, 2020

Keith's work has been INVALUABLE to me in building my website and maintaining my online course: - he gives me the timely and knowledgeable advice I need to make good decisions around what is best practice for alllll the web-based things - if he doesn't have the information I need handy, he researches it and gets it to me - he thinks about and anticipates things I didn’t even know needed to be thought about or anticipated - he fixes problems as they come up and makes me look good in front of my clients - he keeps me on track and thinking about the things that need to be done (because I may or may not have a tendency to want to do the next fun thing, rather than finish the last boring thing. ;) )

Shannon Coates

Mar 4, 2020

I hired Keith to do a complete website audit and had a fantastic experience. Competitively priced, and a ton of value for the cost - consequently, I have an extremely thorough and detailed report on my website with an actionable list of goals and items to work towards on my own to improve the content and functionality of my website. If you're tired of googling "SEO" and other things to DIY your website performance, Keith is a fantastic option. He'll identify where you need to improve, and then give you a list of how to achieve it. [Heck, he'll do it for you if you prefer!] You can't go wrong with Keith - check him out!

Joslin Romphf Dennis

Jan 26, 2022

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