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Likesocialbiz "LSB"

84 reviews

Likesocialbiz "LSB"

84 reviews

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Agency Vista Reviews

Great Job guys! Thank you again!

Cyril P

84 Reviews

suspicious activity, they stole my login details, beware.

Kevin Forex

Aug 19, 2017

Likesocialbiz was awesome company made my day .Helping my companion advance her new business. We made a site and following quite a while of publicizing, the business didn't appear to be taking off. Luckily, one of my companions had specified Like Social Biz to me, and I chose to look further into it.

Rupesh Chawla

Feb 19, 2015

Great Job guys! Thank you again!

Cyril P

Mar 8, 2021

Amazing company to work with. They have top notch workers that nail every project and get amazing results in such a short time period. They give solution for every entrepreneur with affordable prices and a comfortable working experience. I don´t even mind to do another project of mine with a company that it´s not LikeSocialBiz

Paul Henriquez

Apr 23, 2019

Maxime Danielli

Feb 2, 2018

Provide work perfectly and give professional advise to my food and bevarage website. Recommended.

Diblo Martin

Aug 19, 2017

Greempower Solar Energy

Nov 29, 2016

I started small with the ideas and investment. The results are and were consistent to the point where I wanted more. I give them ideas and they facilitate the media, SEO and I am able to focus on my clients, products and customer sevice. They are bringing me the clients whereas before using them, I had to find and earn all my clients, reputation and income. Updates and evolution are done without me having to know and building a relationship and trusting this company has helped me focus on what I love and do best.Thanks as always

Kathleen Drury

Jan 1, 2018

Those guys have always been great about helping us out with our website for the business. Anytime we have an a web problem, they are the first place we go.I recommend LikeSocialBiz to my clients, friends and family that are self-employed.

Paige Davis

Jan 2, 2018

LikeSocialBiz was easy to work with. Cyril gave us high-quality customer service both during the rebuilding of our website and after.We received a great product at a fair price. Our website is exactly the way we envisioned it. Cyril &his team was responsive to questions and quick to resolve any issues. We were very pleased with the outcome and would absolutely recommend LikeSocialbiz!

Romain Wzk

Nov 6, 2017

Absolutely recommended to all online marketing type of activity or planning. Reactive, young, open minded and proactive. All you need to achieve success in all your online business' needs.

Steven Brayet

Sep 25, 2017

A business associate of mine told me about LikeSocialBiz. He spoke very highly of them, so I decided to check out their reviews and portfolio. After spending a good few hours researching them and a few local competitors I decided to try them out. They totally transformed our boring website into something that is truly a work of art. The finished website is modern, creative and most importantly has increased our conversion ratio & SEO. If you're looking for web design & SEO company in Los Angeles, you can stop looking, LikeSocialBiz is the answer!

Carolina Myles

Nov 11, 2017

Great agency & team! It is a pleasure working with you guys ;-)

Santiagi Ramirez

Sep 8, 2017

Team very professional. Present outstanding work design and boost the sales of my website.

David Xathbell

Aug 19, 2017

Peefectionist with great prices. Simply the best �����

Tony Lasbeur

Aug 31, 2017

Tom Gray

Nov 29, 2016

Abbie Coles

Nov 29, 2016

Jake Brady

Nov 29, 2016

Morgan Morrison

Nov 29, 2016

Dominic Bond

Nov 29, 2016

Henry Brown

Nov 28, 2016

Good Guys

Clarisa Rizzo

Jul 12, 2016


Lauryn Culp

Jul 12, 2016


Oralia Condon

Jul 12, 2016


Althea Alfaro

Jul 12, 2016


Leatrice Hoang

Jul 12, 2016

thank you.

Hsc Grail

Jul 12, 2016

Very good

Mulika Fasang

Jul 12, 2016


Violette Gage

Jul 11, 2016

Md Mohan Rayhan

Dec 7, 2015

Abdullah All Mamun

Dec 7, 2015

Rasel Hossain

Dec 7, 2015

Thomas Sliwak

Oct 15, 2014

Great company with excellent services !

Zlat West Jr.

May 7, 2014

Highly skilled and professional. Thanks for a job well done. I really appreciate your help and great work. I will be happy to recommend LSB!

Ehsan Il

Apr 26, 2014

Great company! excellent services best social media marketing/Seo

Likesocialbiz LA

Apr 25, 2014

Great social media company for SEO etc ... I recommend it to anyone who wants his company to increase.

Nassaf Meddeb

Apr 6, 2014


Mikail Bonheur

Apr 4, 2014

Recommended! Social media and website super service and quality! Thanks Cyril

ReDesign Hub

Mar 7, 2021

Really great service and on going work definitely recommended!

ReDesign HUB 1

Mar 7, 2021

Thank you! From start to finish LikeSocialBiz was amazing! They did a great job on the redesign of my website and making it so easy for me & my customers. I’d recommend them to anyone who needs help with digital marketing & Web development.

Terese Ferreira

Feb 25, 2021

(Translated by Google) It has been a great opportunity and the best choice when working with LikeSocialBiz. Excellent results, with great customer service! Highly recommended! (Original) Ha sido una gran oportunidad y la mejor elección al trabajar con LikeSocialBiz. Excelentes resultados, con una gran atención al cliente! Muy recomendado!

Nyna Ryvas

Mar 1, 2021

(Translated by Google) Incredible the web page that they have created for me with a good SEO positioning. We are delighted !! The customer service is also very good. Totally recommendable (Original) Increíble la página web que me han creado con un buen posicionamiento SEO. Estamos encantados!! La atención con el cliente además es muy buena. Totalmente recomendable.

Dr. Smoke

Jan 16, 2021

I strongly recommend LikeSocialBiz to anyone struggling with their current online marketing. You won't be disappointed. The website creation was excellent & the SEO Process was smooth and productive!

Marina Del Rey

Dec 9, 2020

(Translated by Google) I worked hand in hand with Cyril and his team and the truth is that I feel very satisfied. They have managed to adapt to my needs with a very high degree of creativity and commitment. Thank you very much. (Original) Trabajé de la mano con Cyril y su equipo y la verdad es que me siento muy satisfecho. Han logrado adaptarse a mis necesidades con un altísimo grado de creatividad y compromiso. Muchas gracias.

Daniel Fernando Herrera Rojas

Aug 8, 2020

Comercial Hotel Arena Blanca

Jul 21, 2019

(Translated by Google) They did a super job for my business (Hotel Boutique). Website, social networks, and consulting! (Original) Hicieron un super trabajo para mi negocio (Hotel Boutique). Pagina web,redes social,y consulting!

Ana Maria Gaitan

Jan 15, 2019

(Translated by Google) They did an excellent job for my hotel. (Original) hicieron un excelente trabajo para mi hotel.


Nov 30, 2018

Loved the attention to detail when it came to managing my accounts. I took advantage of their marketing strategies and web development, and i appreciated the great communication throughout the whole process. Highly recommended!!

Eric Garcia-March

Oct 12, 2018

We have been working with Cyril & his team for the last 2 years & we are very happy with the way they work and the results we are getting. The monthly report is very explicit & understandable! Great team!

Karl Hulsey

Apr 1, 2018

I was referred by a friend to LSB. Cyril & his team made the process very smooth from beginning to end. The team helped me get exactly what I needed. Customer service is excellent, I truly appreciate the knowledge and insight that this company provides.

Jordan Adams

Mar 31, 2018

Great work and wonderful staff and very affordable prices. I hired Codify Designs for SEO results and they helped boost my business exponentially in just a few weeks. Thank you all for an outstanding job!

Safe-Company [Press]

Jun 15, 2020

Working with LikeSocialBiz has given a good experience as well as the project done are up to the mark with new creative ideas. People are cooperative and helpful.

Sophie Williams

Mar 16, 2020


Jan 20, 2020

(Translated by Google) I contacted them to develop a project for my company in Bogota. Of the best digital marketing agencies I've met. They offer you different innovative options, adapt to your needs and allow you to create what you want for your company. In case of any concern, they are always ready to solve. I will continue to use your services without hesitation (Original) Los contacte para desarrollar un proyecto para mi empresa en Bogota. De las mejores agencias de marketing digital que he conocido. Te ofrecen diferentes opciones innovadoras, se adaptan a tus necesidades y te permiten crear lo quieres para tu empresa. Ante cualquier inquietud siempre están dispuestos a solucionar. Seguiré utilizando sus servicios sin dudarlo

Santiago Cortes

Feb 1, 2018

It is a professional company help our restaurant do marketing and social media. Our website is created by Likesocialbiz. It helps a lot and improve our business as well. Highly recommend this company to help your digital marketing.

Russell Morales

Jan 2, 2018

Has a company tour, digital marketing is very important & Cyril helps me to understand that. Since we start working together they redesign our entire website, create different platforms & improve our online visibility. We're very happy to work with them!

Rudy Griffin

Dec 12, 2017

Lsb help us to create our website Cali Chic, improve our traffic & SEO and take care of social media! Thank you to all the team for your help!

Steven Brayet

Dec 12, 2017

Well done! Cyril & his team did a very good job in only 1 month. We can already see a difference in terms of leads & digital presence. LikeSocialBiz reports are very complete & easy to understand. We have continued working with them and made them part of our team. Great experience overall !

Edward Wood

Sep 23, 2017

A wonderful company to provide perfect works for my fashion website. I like the ways of concept that they present. They are professional.

Albert Texas

Aug 18, 2017

julien inizan

Aug 15, 2017

Before I worked with LikeSocialbiz, my site was completely ignored by Google crawlers. After first 2 month I was on page 3, and by the end of month 3 I was #1 on Google in my category!!! Thanks folks for such a great job!

admin diablo

Aug 12, 2017

Likesocialbiz was an incredible company to work with to design my bakery website. From first concept to delivery everything was outstanding. I highly recommend the professionals here for any online strategy you are seeking. I wouldn't go anywhere else.

martin luthewa

Aug 11, 2017

We are happy to say that likesocialbiz has been the best partner for our digital marketing services to date. It was challenging before but I am so relieved to say that they have been attentive and continue to provide strong results for my client base.

Peter james

Aug 10, 2017

Working with Likesocialbiz has been an amazing experience. They are a full service firm that have helped us with everything from social media management to website redesign and SEO optimization. Highly recommend if you're looking to quickly grow your business!

Marrine Mamos

Aug 9, 2017

I hired LikeSocialBiz because I have just launched my business and needed some help with branding and digital marketing. Likesocialbiz is a fantastic digital marketing company. They understood the vision I have for my company. We worked together on my social media and content production. Nowadays, online presence and blogging are so important and I feel that with the help of Likesocialbiz and their digital strategy I am on the right path to build my brand. I highly recommend Likesocialbiz!

sci jrl26

Nov 11, 2016


Jun 1, 2016

(Translated by Google) I am delighted to have left my site in the expert hands of LSB, who have relaunched my business through an effective marketing campaign. The SEO and the ads did not seem to have any secret for them, to my great pleasure! Thank you for being always available when needed, it's a real pleasure to work with you! (Original) Je suis ravi d'avoir laissé mon site entre les mains expertes de LSB, qui ont sû relancer mon commerce grace à une campagne marketing efficace. Le SEO et les ads n'ont pas eu l'air d'avoir de secret pour eux, à mon grand plaisir! Merci d'etre toujours disponible en cas de besoin, c'est un réel bonheur que de travailler avec vous!

Xavi Regnier

Jun 1, 2016

Thank you to Likesocialbiz who help to develop my website. An amazing team !!!! Thank you for your help and advices.

Victor Pezzoli

Jun 1, 2016

LikeSocialBiz team help me a lot with my original, creative, dynamic and professional website. Definitely they exceed my expectations.

rosy martell

Apr 11, 2016

Looking for a good web developer is like finding a needle in a hay stack. After working with two developer not to long ago, all I got was deadlines that weren't met and finished projects far from what I wanted. After those two nightmares I decided to be more diligent on my research for a developers. Working with likesocialbiz has been nothing but a dream come true. Thank you so much

Willie Bailey

Apr 23, 2015

An amazing company that works nationwide and internationally! I have been helping my friend promote her new business. We created a website and after months of advertising, the business didn't seem to be taking off. Fortunately, one of my friends had mentioned Like Social Biz to me, and I decided to look further into it. We decided to hire them and see what would happen since we had nothing to lose. In the end, my friend and I were very satisfied with the outcome. I am happy to say that my friend's business has been doing quite well ever since. If you want to bring more business to your company, I recommend this company. This company is very straight-forward and to the point with everything. Furthermore, everything was done professionally. If you have questions or concerns, just inquire; they will be more than happy to assist you. They work with clients nationwide as well as internationally, using different modes of communication, such as phone, email, skype, etc.

Chegueva Drinks

Dec 14, 2014

Alain Alava

Dec 10, 2014

LikeSocialBiz revolutionized my business. They put my small business on top in Beverly hills. The design of my website is way better now . The SEO has been the biggest long term payment and we are currently rank on the first page of google for our main services. I couldn't except for more. Now my business is booming I can't thanks LikeSocialBiz enough. I never realized how much Social Media is an everyday work . If your business doesn't have a good online presence then you can't be successful. After the quality of their work the best part is their prices. Very affordable comparing to other company who does the same job . I highly recommend LikeSocialBiz and look forward to continuing to work with Cyril and the rest of the team.

Antoine Chemla

Nov 6, 2014

Finding this company is so rewarding. I have been looking for some help with my social media for almost 2 months now. I would say , now my Social Media site isn't so dull anymore. They helped me upgraded my design and I am getting more friends and clients with too. Worth a try with this company. You are terrific!

Engr. Leth A

Nov 1, 2014

Likesocialbiz have been a tremendous help to me.They are very professional and really knows what They should doing.I would highly recommend them. Thanks

Matt christensen

Sep 24, 2014

I had a bad experience for my first time when I tried, so I wasn't really sure of my choice to try again with another company but one of my associate told me about this company and their competitive rates. That's why I decided to take the risk again. This company make me change my point of view of this business. The result was very professional and useful for me. We keep working together since 4 month now They understood what i was in needs and the most important, they told me and they did what was wrong in my social business.

pierre roux

Mar 26, 2014

Great digital marketing agency, very honest and great staff!

Maria Catalina Gomez (LATAM)

Mar 11, 2021

Admin 26Shades

May 5, 2021

Worked with the team for several projects and it’s always a success. I definitely recommend that agency for any web development and digital marketing.


Jul 3, 2021

Had a great experience with LikeSocialBiz! I've had one of my websites designed by them, as well as they helped me with a complete digital marketing strategy. Great recommendation, highly recommend!

Kasper Desmet

Aug 9, 2021

I’ve been working with LikeSocialBiz for a few years and they have always exceeded my expectations in the quality of their work, time frame & friendly work ethics. I highly recommend their services as they are consistent, trustworthy and provide amazing work quality. Thumbs up LikeSocialBiz 👍

Mathieu Tronel

Aug 11, 2021

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