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New Initiatives Marketing Inc.

20 reviews

New Initiatives Marketing Inc.

20 reviews

Founded 2009 · Toronto, CA  ·

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20 Reviews

I have thoroughly enjoyed working with New Initiatives Marketing over the past few years. Jennifer gives clear, detailed training and always answers any questions as quickly as possible. She provides a pleasant, flexible, work environment and extends honest, appreciative feedback on a job well done. In addition, NIM works hard for their clients, giving them personalized, custom attention where needed. I highly recommend Jennifer to companies needing help in marketing their business as well as anyone looking to work alongside a genuine and professional marketing consultant.

Tamara Keck

May 20, 2019

Working with Jen has made an incredible difference in my business. I have relied not only on her talent to help with content, website development, graphic design and more, but at the highest level, Jen's strategic mind is one that I am so grateful to have. She has my best interests at heart and can see so many things about my firm that I can't. You will feel the same way in going forward with her and New Initiatives Marketing on anything you do to further your brand.

Dan Gershenson

Aug 12, 2020

Jen and her team are professionals who care deeply about their clients’ needs. We’ve worked together on multiple projects now, and I very much respect Jen’s work ethic and communication skills. Keep doing what you’re doing!

Kate Jonker

Apr 11, 2019

We hired NIM for a marketing plan that we could execute on our own. They were helpful, insightful and gave us a lot of ideas and practical tips on how to grow our business.

Nilufer Rassul

Mar 11, 2019

New Initiatives Marketing Inc. brought me on board to work on one of their enterprise mobility client projects. What I have enjoyed the most –besides the professionalism, invaluable guidance, demanding environment, and excellent collaboration– is to be an actual member of the team with opportunities for professional development and learning new skills.

Alexandre Francois

Jan 27, 2017

We partnered with New Initiatives Marketing as part of their content marketing team for a major enterprise IT client. New Initiatives Marketing worked closely with the client to develop a targeted content marketing strategy that aligned with the client's needs and incorporated keywords/SEO to improve their search ranking. Jen and her team have exceptional project management skills, hit deadlines with ease, and maintain constant communication with both the client and the team. It was a pleasure to work with them and I look forward to further projects together.

Gregory Bridges

Jan 6, 2017

We worked with New Initiatives Marketing to ramp up our marketing programs and were very happy with the strategic recommendations on how to run the programs efficiently. Not only was Jen's experience very welcome, but her ability to break large projects into tasks and delegate them appropriately was invaluable. Jen's just really helpful and insightful with how to set up and run marketing projects. It was a pleasure to work with her.

Dan Hart

Nov 11, 2016

Reliable, on-time and resourceful. These guys were an excellent addition to our in-house product-focused marketing team. From strategic planning, through to tactical implementation they were right there with us getting it done! At the end of our product launch we were from zero to #2 in Google rankings! Outstanding experience.

Elizabeth Klingseisen

Apr 29, 2016

Since I was a one woman show and launching a new business, I was in need of everything from market research to strategy, to email campaigns to SEO. Jen delivered on every one of the above and more. From day one I felt that Jen truly invested herself in the success of my business, getting to know my business, my vision and my target audience. It is this dedication and an incredibly strong marketing skill set that makes Jen and NIM such great partners.

Shannon Richmond

Apr 5, 2016

Nimble Quotes is easy to use and has provided us with great business quotes on our business Twitter account. It saves us time and helps us make lots of new connections and greatly increased our number of shares. Thank you!

Rebekah Lawrence

Mar 29, 2016

Great experience with these people. Good quotes and pictures. They add a nice balance to my own social messages. I get many shares of their messages on twitter. They help my page look balanced and professional. Good for my business.

Susan Suehr

Jun 27, 2016

Using Nimble Quotes, I consistently get more followers, likes and retweets. What's not to love? I use #Sales and get very content specific quotes for my target audience. LOVE IT!

Patti Pokorchak

Jun 22, 2016

I have worked with Nimble Quotes for the last 30 days and have significantly increased my followers within my target market. A great experience and I would highly recommend this simple, effective and professional service!

Trish Tonaj

Oct 18, 2016

As a business that partners with other companies to create results for my clients, I found Jennifer Kelly and New Initiatives Marketing to be an excellent resource. Recently we worked together on a content marketing program for a client company. Jennifer and her team were excellent. They delivered tremendous value, ALWAYS delivered on time, was very responsive to project needs and was a pleasure to work with.

Bill Gluth

May 20, 2021

I hired the implementation team at New Initiatives Marketing to work with my company on a major healthcare client project. Jen and the team understood the assignment, were easy to work with and helped my company to complete the project successfully. Appreciate the transparency and communication. Will definitely use their services again!

Brian Ruggiero

Sep 25, 2021

I recently invited Jen Kelly of New Initiatives Marketing to support the members of my GroYourBiz Advisory Group with her Marketing expertise. The time she took to prepare for this session, the level of detail of her review and the understanding she displayed for my clients' businesses really blew me away. She left everyone with a detailed video review and tools to help them take their Marketing Strategy and translate it into actionable initiatives that will leave their businesses on a growth path.

Petra Mayer

Nov 17, 2021

Jen provided a very informative seminar about using twitter for business

Daryl Churchmuch

Apr 4, 2019

I have used Nimble Quotes for several years. The most beneficial feature for me and my business is that I can feel confident that quotes reflect my values and my brand. My social media efforts are less stressful knowing that tweets are going out on a regular basis without extra effort. Well worth the investment to attract quality followers with "likes" and "retweets"

Patricia Muir

Dec 20, 2018

Professional, customizable. Fast response from company. Awesome tool for Twitter! Would definitely recommend over any other paid off free service (and I've tried a bunch!). 😍

Joan Batucan

Aug 16, 2018

I learned about Nimble Quotes from a presentation Jen gave on How To Use Twitter to Grow Your Business. The idea that Twitter can help me reach more people to build their awareness of my business is great and I can see how inspirational quotes can help me connect with people online to break the ice.

RMT Taichi

Apr 4, 2019

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