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Sayenko Design

52 reviews

Sayenko Design

52 reviews

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52 Reviews

Stanislav Matischuk

May 8, 2018

Ginger Kuang

Jul 16, 2019

Mike and team took our need for a new mobile optimized website and design and ran with it in a very short time frame! They have an excellent onboarding process that determines the scope and plan for the project. The only reason for 4 stars instead of 5 is that there were a couple technical glitches (which they resolved rapidly) - otherwise loved the results of this project.

Elliott Neff

Sep 18, 2015

Mike made a very nice logo for our new business. It was very stylish but also captured the idiom of the business. I believe it will be able to stand the test of time. He might not be the cheapest graphic designer, but he does a nice job.

Peter Drewel

Feb 3, 2014

Our company, Washington Rock Quarries, wanted to take our current website (an old, disfunctional, early 2000s-looking contraption) and bring it up to date. Our hope was that it would be optimized to bring new customers, better serve existing ones, and provide an intuitive way to view products and directions. Mike was really great at working with me to translate the old design and our vision into something far better than we could have come up with ourselves. I was also able to work with a copywriter, Matt, to fine tune the writing on other webpages. It was a really valuable experience. I thought I had prepared the materials for the website pretty well, but I decided after the site was basically finished that the products section was too bloated (my fault). Our company is a rock quarry, and I knew it had to be super boring and confusing to continue working on product information about rocks. Rocks tend to look pretty similar. But Mike persevered to help bring my idea to life and helped me learn how to populate some of the content myself to save money. The site ended up looking even better than before. There were some frustrations. One was that the original estimate was based on hours, and once the design team maxed out on hours, we had to keep adding onto the contract to finish the website. I didn't understand this when the contract was signed and assumed the contract would cover finishing the original project (the misunderstanding was probably my fault). Many of the additional hours were due to changes I made after the fact but some were to finish the original portion of the project, and some were for things that I think should have been covered by the initial contract, like making sure the buttons on the sliders didn't overlap. So while I don't think this policy or the amount charged was unreasonable, it did expose a lack of clarity on my part. I also wish that before we had planned the site layout, I could have gotten feedback from the copywriter/marketing strategist about keyword analysis, site structure, etc. I think this could have helped minimize some of the costs associated with changing elements of the design. Finally, I'm finding that the WordPress template that Sayenko Design built is not always as editable as I would like it to be. There are some parts of the website I would like to add to or edit, but some of my requests require Sayenko to add to or change the code. That's not necessarily a bad thing. It's just an expectation I've had to adjust about how custom WordPress templates work. In any case, even though the process wasn't perfect, Mike and everyone at Sayenko Design deserve high praise because 1) they were very patient meeting a perfectionist's demands; 2) they adapted quickly to changes I suggested; 3) they were easy to collaborate with; 4) the price was fair; and 5) the website started bringing results as soon as it was published. Our website has received increased traffic. In the two months since it was published, we've received dozens of phone calls, over 30 form submissions per month from potential customers, and about 1,000 new sessions per month. Sixty percent of our website traffic has come from organic searches, which is incredible. We have acquired new clients, including large commercial clients, after they found our products through Google. I couldn't be happier about how much the website has increased business. The president of our company feels that the website has already paid for itself (making me look really good as the project manager). The staff also appreciate that we can refer customers to the website for directions, product information, etc. It's nice that all of our resources are in one easy-to-use format. I would say Sayenko Design was worth every penny.

Their demonstrable skill and scrupulousness was immaculate!! They never missed a thing!! They surpassed our assumptions with the end-product! Mike was accessible at whatever point required, which was vital to me and our organization! I emphatically suggest Mike Sayenko and his staff!! Genuinely, Carl Oliveira Deals and Marketing Consultant Bird Pest Eliminators, Inc.

Kamal605 Madbar

Sep 13, 2021

Mike, Sayenko Design, Their professionalism and attention to detail were impeccable!! They never missed a thing!! They exceeded our expectations with the final results! Mike was available whenever needed, which was very important to me and our company! I strongly recommend Mike Sayenko and his staff!! They set the "Standards for Excellence" in their industry! Sincerely, Carl Oliveira Sales and Marketing Consultant Eagle Pest Eliminators, Inc.

Carl Oliveira

Aug 15, 2019

My experience was fantastic! I’m thrilled with my website, both with how it functions and how it looks. It's effective practically and aesthetically. I highly recommend Sayenko Design. They are an absolute first rate web design company!

Matthew Owen

Mar 26, 2019

Our commercial real estate team hired Mike to create a website, brochure, logos and help us with branding our group overall. Not only did the logos turn out amazingly but he and his team were quick, very responsive and even recommended a great photographer for us as well. He also gave us tons of advice on extra things we could do to make our marketing better and to tie the website and branding into everything. I highly recommend working with Sayenko Design.

Northwest Commercial Group of Marcus & Millichap

Apr 15, 2016

Great work Mike! Thanks for the guidance and professional work/support you gave me through the entire process. I am very happy with the website and the various automated systems you helped me integrate. Would definitely recommended you in the future!

Mark Schaefer

Jan 14, 2016

I found Sayenko Design after a google search trying to find a web designer in Seattle. They helped me design the website for our IT services company. Mike was always on time and very responsive, and in fact did a good job of driving things on our end to make sure we provided him what he needed to keep things moving along. Mike was super responsive through the whole process and even though he had his own artistic ideas he was willing to implement what I had in mind as well. As you can tell from the portfolio the quality of the work is top notch. I highly recommend Sayenko Design to any business looking for a Seattle web design firm.

Richard Oestreich

Nov 27, 2015

“Sayenko Design helped us refine our mission, design and redesign the site, and ultimately lay the ground work for a great website. Sayenko Design helped the GoGo Running website go from an idea to a viable business in 6 months. This site is a complex site with lots of video and extras and Sayenko Design did a great job getting all of those “extra’s” in the site that we wanted. Thanks Mike!”

Karmen Stephenson

Apr 18, 2014

Sayenko Design did an outstanding job taking my vision for my business logo and turning it into reality. I am not very artistic so I gave him limited suggestions on what I wanted and he came up with an outstanding logo. He also was very helpful educating me on how SEO worked and gave me some great ideas on how to update the content on my website to drive better results. Thanks Mike!!

Tyler Kerlee

Apr 9, 2014

I can only say great things about Mike and his attentiveness to getting the job done quickly and keeping up with changes I throw his way. He is very quick to respond to any communication! Great asset to have!

Jeremy Glasgow

Dec 20, 2013

I have really enjoyed working with Mike over the years. He is attentive and continually strives to learn and grow his skills. The service he has provided the business has been both effective and worth while and I look forward to a continued relationship.

Andy Pack

Dec 3, 2013

I am very impressed with Sayenko Design. They delivered an outstanding design despite my not really knowing exactly what I wanted when we started. Mike is a great communicator, was patient and really listened to my feedback. I highly recommend them to anyone looking to brand their business or drive traffic to their website!

Mike Rodgers

Nov 13, 2013

Mike at Sayenko Design is our go to guy! He does fantastic work and the turn around has always been fast. We won't go anywhere else!

Jason Drake

Oct 15, 2013

Mike designed the logo for my business and I was very pleased with the results. He delivered a strong signature brand logo and provided many variations to accommodate different uses I may need. Mike was very responsive during the design process and I had a great experience working with him.

Greg Thompson

Oct 10, 2013

"When I decided I wanted a professional website for my [personal] company, I went straight to Mike. His work went beyond my expectations. He captured every detail I was looking for, and impressed me with much more than I could have ever hoped for. He was able to create a custom logo and layout that will now help to brand and establish my company. I highly recommend Sayekno Design for your next project."

Jared Carson

Sep 30, 2013

Amazing Seattle Web Design team. Very detailed in the big picture and mission for our website. Responsive to our needs and tweaks. People are constantly impressed by our website. Fun to work with. #RiseChampions

Wayne Johnson

Jan 19, 2016

Working with Mike at Sayenko Design was a great experience. Mike puts in 110% effort and delivers on time as promised. I had Mike design two websites for me, and both came out better than I could have imagined. Mikes graphics were awesome. Thanks Mike.

Maui Makai

Mar 14, 2014

I have worked on numerous projects with Mike, and he never disappoints. Mike is creative, thorough, and takes tremendous pride in his work. His skill set goes beyond design as he has built entire microsites for our program. Mike works well with deadlines and has shown great adaptability as projects tend to change on the fly. I look forward to future projects with Mike and highly recommend him.

Michael Susi

Oct 4, 2013

I hired Mike to do a shirt design for a half marathon I produce. Mike did an excellent job. The price was very competitive and the designs were creative and attractive to look at. He assisted with several steps of the process and was quite responsive and easy to work with. I would definitely recommend his graphic design services.

Porter Bratten

Oct 1, 2013

Mike and his team did a great job — he delivered what he said he would. I thought the website came together really well and looks great. Sayenko designed a fresh and contemporary website that allows us to stand out from our competitors. They got back to us the same day or within a day. They hit all of our project deadlines!

Kevin Bray

Jul 31, 2018

Mike and his team were amazing to work with and have continued to provide us with top level support. After managing our own website for 12 years we decided to invest in a new and much improved user experience. I contacted and spoke with half a dozen firms when looking for a developer to make our online dreams a reality. We decided to go with Sayenko Design because they were the most professional and most responsive with our initial inquires and came up with a design mock up that absolutely hit it out of the park compared to others we had spoken to. We could not be happier with Sayenko Designs process and attention to detail. The final version of the site has been live for 6 months and we are already seeing a HUGE return on our investment. We are Seattle's best Hardwood flooring contractor and finally with Sayenko Designs help and vision our online presence reflects that to the world. Thank you to Mike and everyone on the Sayenko Design Team! You guys are the best and killed it for us!! Thank you, Thank you! Best regards, Chris Moore Moore Floors, Inc

Chris Moore

Apr 30, 2018

We needed a Seattle Web designer to help us overhaul our company's website. Mike was extremely efficient and responsive to all our needs and we greatly appreciated his availability in communication. Mike was accommodating to our needs but was also user experience driven. We will definitely come back to Mike for future projects and web design needs.

Paul Suh

Nov 21, 2016

Sayenko understood our aesthetic and was able to accurately reflect our brand in the new website. They analyzed our SEO and social media performance, and also helped us define our audience. Understanding our Italian readers allowed us to more easily identify our target North American audience.

Silvia Bajardi

Mar 21, 2018

We searched long and hard for a quality Seattle Web Designer to produce the unique branding we wanted. Mike and his team delivered a professional design that captures the essence of our services offering. Their website designs emphasize simple and clean content with a long-term focus on marketing value. They were attentive, proactive, and on budget. Plus, they're fun to work with.

Rob LoBosco

Feb 17, 2015

Mike has been amazing. He designed our company website and his turn around time with our questions and updates has been almost immediate. He's has been the most professional Seattle Web Designer that we have ever worked with thus far. I highly recommend him.

Penny Lathum

Dec 19, 2014

Mike started working on our website and marketing in January and has had a huge impact on our business. His knowledge and expertise is amazing and is continuing to bring in an average of 6 new patients a month from google searches. On a monthly basis, I am now bringing in between $2,000-$3,000 a month in additional revenue. And that isn't taking into account the revenue from referrals of those new patients! For this reason alone you should take advantage of Sayenko Design's services.

Redmond Roots Chiropractic Redmond, WA

Jul 11, 2014

Mike did a fantastic job in designing and creating the cover of my book. I didn't know exactly what I wanted and gave Mike a rough idea. He took these few sentences of instruction and created a smart professional modern looking cover that absolutely blew me away. It was beyond my expectations. I would highly recommend Mike for any design work. He's fair and easy to work with and will come through for you, no matter what you are design you are seeking. Again, highly recommend.

Steve Magness

Jan 15, 2014

Sayenko Design did a superb job on my personal triathlon and coaching website. I was honestly blown away by how great the graphics, aesthetics, overall look/feel and usability of the website turned out. What Mike Sayenko did is essentially create a tool for me that makes me look better than I actually am as I can say no other pro triathlete has a webpage this powerful.


Jan 13, 2014

We hired Mike to photograph our engagement and wedding photos. The photos turned out great, and we really enjoyed working with him the whole time.

Kelly Spady

Jan 12, 2014

Mike has done numerous t-shirt designs for my running camp, with great results. He is excellent at taking a concept or idea and making it into a sharp, eye-catching design. I also hired Mike to photograph my wedding, and my wife and I were very pleased with the quality of his work. I highly recommend Mike for any graphics project!

Greg Jimmerson

Nov 29, 2013

Mike was great to work with. He took the time to understand what my creative vision was. Then he took that and turned it into a website that was both great to look at AND highly functional from a marketing prespective. I would highly recommend Mike and his work.

David Floyd

Nov 18, 2013

“When I first decided to start my new business, Vintage Ambiance, I had a vague idea as to what direction in web design that I wanted to go, but didn’t know how to create it. Mike was extremely patient throughout the process, as I made decisions, then made different decisions! He understood my lack of computer knowledge and eased me through both the technical and creative process. Three months into it, the website has been extremely successful in drawing attention to our business in a highly competitive market.”

Beckie McCann

Oct 15, 2013

Amazing work and even faster turnaround. Very reachable and incorporates feedback very quickly. And did i mention he is very affordable.

Sean Sundwall

Sep 30, 2013

Lucent Medical's website had not been updated for at least 15 years. It took a couple of design iterations for us to converge on the new story we wanted to convey to potential customers about our products and services, and that took somewhat more time than I had anticipated. Nonetheless, Sayenko Design patiently worked through the process with me, and the final result looks good.

Robert Golden

Apr 1, 2019

Thanks to Mike an his team for creating a great website for by business!

Jonathan Harrington

Oct 7, 2018

Our program looked at many different designers before selecting Mike. He delivered exactly what was promised and we get constant praise on our site. Mike and his dedicated team are always there when I need them. No questions is to small for an quick response.

Tami Soderberg

May 2, 2018

Mike Sayenko is creative, has great intuition, listens carefully to understand your objectives, and then delivers a concept that works. He's easy to work with on site polish requests and will thoroughly answer your questions and explain the design & roll-out process. Galileo Law is blessed to have found Sayenko Design to promote our brand online.

Paul Veillon

Nov 8, 2015

As a marketing consultant looking for a great web design firm, we reached out to Sayenko Design. We choose them to design our website because of the comprehensive forward-thinking strategic approach they offered. Not only did they design a beautiful new website that met our needs and design ideas/goals, but they crafted a strategy document that outlined business goals, website objectives, and personas. The team at Sayenko Design also provided strategy around goal conversions and helped determine the best keywords to target for each persona and to help our SEO. This laid the foundation to a great website - one that is focused on the ultimate goal of converting our visitors into meaningful business leads. We were really happy that they were also able to meet our tight timelines for a live site. Customer service was outstanding and they are very responsive.

Alyssa Moore

Oct 22, 2015

They are customer-focused. They acknowledge phone calls and emails right away and were honest about when they could accommodate our requests. We’re a small business too, so I respect that. Sometimes you just can’t do everything at the same time. They prioritized what we needed to have updated or changed. We worked together to make our deadline knowing that we could still make improvements after our site went live.

Good firm with a strong leader at the helm. Always engaged to see what they will launch next.

Rahil Vora

Feb 3, 2015

Mike was very helpful in redesigning our new website for our small business. He not only created a beautiful website but helped us understand ways to make our business more efficient by making changes to our site; things like SEO and linking our site to social media. He was very efficient in getting our website updated in a timely manner. I would recommend Sayenko Design for others wanting to set up a website or redesign a website.

Shawna Bold

Apr 30, 2014

We heard about Mike from a friend who used him for their engagement and wedding photos. We absolutely loved the work he had done, and at a very fair price! We booked him for our summer wedding, and it couldn't have been a better decision! The photos turned out fantastic, and he was prompt with editing and getting them to us. I really appreciated especially the personalized CD's of our images. As a bride who planned the entire wedding personally, I was a little distracted and stressed the day of. Mike did an amazing job of planning out where he thought the best shots would be at our site, and communicating with us in a fun and professional manner throughout the entire process. He had an amazing grasp on wedding schedules and upon receiving ours, he knew exactly where to be to get the best shot. It was a relief to not have to worry about the photography, but to be able to trust that he would be there. I would highly recommend Mike to anyone, especially for a wedding!

Nicolette McCary

Jan 13, 2014

After Microsoft cancelled its web hosting services through its Office Live Small Business department my business was in need of a new website. In addition, the usage of Microsoft's website service was very basic and did not allow customization. After researching through the array of web developers on the market I chose Sayenko Design because of their value, the work they produce, and their desire to make themselves better through their work and the relationships with their clients. Sayenko Design's CEO and lead developer Mike Sayenko is an easy person to work with. He will give you the straight facts on what can be done and what cannot be done. He will outline to you what is provided in his thorough quotes itemizing what is provided and a breakdown of cost. Additional items are also listed in his quotes with their respective pricing. Thus as a client I know exactly what I am purchasing and what those items will do for my business. After Sayenko Design created and made my webpage live I have been able to discuss my website anytime with Sayenko Design and they have always responded to my comments and requests. The website Sayenko Design created for my business is easy to maintain and update. For the user the information is provided in a clear and easy to navigate manner. Sayenko Design also provides me with analytical reports for my website and suggestions on creating more traffic viewing my website. Overall I would recommend Sayenko Design for your web developing needs.

Rob Whitacre

Dec 5, 2013

Sayenko Design is an excellent web consulting company, that not only cares about their clients but also the long lasting relationship. I feel very comfortable knowing that they care this much about us not just as clients but as a long lasting partner.

Sergey Agadzhanyan

Nov 19, 2013

Clint Bublitz

Nov 21, 2013

Matthew Sheeks

Oct 2, 2013

Louis Torres

Oct 1, 2013

Mike Sayenko

Sep 23, 2013

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