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Sundown Legal Marketing on GoogleBusiness

Sundown Legal Marketing on GoogleBusiness

Are You Missing Out On Clients? You May Be If Your Website Isn’t Mobile Ready A website is an essential part of business today. From providing information about your firm and practice areas to driving prospective clients to take action, your website lays the foundation for your connection with clients. However, that means your website needs to appeal to clients based on how they use it. You may have a beautiful, dynamic desktop website, but if it’s not mobile-friendly, you’re missing out on an important part of your online presence. Mobile Technology Today In our technology driven world, mobile internet traffic surpasses desktop traffic by approximately 3% per year. Desktops and laptops are used at home and in business, but....

September 8, 2020

Outpacing Your Competitors With Agile Marketing The legal industry is inherently conservative, not necessarily in the political sense, but rather in the sense of adhering to traditional ways of getting things done and building business. If you think about it, lawyers resolve many cases by researching similar issues in the past, so forging new ground might feel uncomfortable. But as the world changes at an increasingly rapid pace, a law firm’s ability to survive might hinge on its ability to innovate and adjust. Clients want a more personalized experience, and law firms are being forced to operate under some strange conditions. How can your firm continue to build its business and give its clients the service they need and deserve? Enter a concept called agile marketing, which could transform your legal marketing strategy. What is Agile Marketing? When your law firm created its marketing plan for 2020, it probably didn’t anticipate a global pandemic and everything that has come with it. In most cases, it’s no longer affordable or logical to create a 12-month marketing plan that you take a peek at annually. In this ever-changing world, a Google update can pull....

July 20, 2020

The best web design team in the industry is at it again! Here is the latest website design from the crack design team at Sundown Legal Marketing. Welcome to the family Greene & Phillips.

June 25, 2020

Build Quality Links or Suffer the Consequences Most website/business owners build a website for a specific purpose. It could serve simply as an online business card, it could be designed to generate revenue, like an e-commerce website, or it could be a website meant to generate leads directing website visitors to call the business or complete a website contact form. Most law firm websites fall into the latter category, meant to generate leads and convert those leads or prospective clients into actual clients. There are many.....

September 4, 2020

Transitioning Your Law Firm’s Future Client Interaction The COVID-19 pandemic has impacted nearly every industry and part of American society. This country’s law firms have been facing unprecedented challenges with no clear end in sight. Like other industries, lawyers are innovating ways to continue serving clients from a distance by leveraging technology. Most client journeys begin online with a client realizing they have a legal obstacle and then hitting the search engines for some answers. But, traditionally, lawyers’ transition to face-to-face contact for consultations and updates. While that might have changed temporarily due to COVID-19, there is a good chance that those changes will become permanent to help satisfy the wants and needs of their clients. Focusing on the Client Experience The “client experience” is a fairly new buzz phrase in the business world, but it is something that the legal industry should be paying particular attention to, especially in these trying times. According to Bain and Company, businesses that do well at creating an excellent customer experience grow revenues from 4%-8% above their industry average. But just about every industry is feeling some sort of....

July 13, 2020

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