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The Xcite Group

21 reviews

The Xcite Group

21 reviews

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We've enjoyed working with The Xcite Group for 10+ years and trust them with all of our marketing needs. Thank you Michael, Lisa, and team!

Tess Hinshaw

21 Reviews

This company has no accountability! Worse decision I have made in business was to hire this company. I hired xcite media in 3/16 to build and develop a custom e-commerce and equipment rental site. This project has been nothing short of a nightmare. A year and a half later the project is still not complete. This has cost us thousands in business. We have been through a couple project managers and developers. Micheal is great at sales and showing what a well built custom sight can do, unfortunately they did not deliver. There has been zero accountability in their end. They also require full payment when your job hits the que. I'm guessing this is because I'm not the only person they have not satisfied. And of course since they've been paid they are on to the next job. Shame on xcite media.. this issue will have o be resolved in court. $15500 for a website that doesn't work.!!!!

Lance Vollrath

Sep 23, 2017

We've enjoyed working with The Xcite Group for 10+ years and trust them with all of our marketing needs. Thank you Michael, Lisa, and team!

Tess Hinshaw

Aug 19, 2021

April and Xcite Media Group have been amazing to work with over the past 2 years. April is so organized, easy to reach, and communicates in a way that really helps me understand even the most complex marketing tactics we are implementing. As a business owner, I really appreciate the way she takes it upon herself to educate and go the extra step for us. Highly recommend for any business looking to take their business to the next level. Thanks April!!

Adam Lang

Aug 14, 2018

We have worked with Xcite for 8 years and counting. I wouldn't look to anyone else for website development, SEM, SEO, and social media marketing! These guys are very knowledgeable and provide great customer service.

Ty Correy

May 23, 2018

I have been working with Xcite for 3 years now as they manage most of my digital strategy. I appreciate their responsiveness and willingness to partner with me in order to help me do my job better. Vendor management can sometimes be a part time job, but not with Xcite. They truly have exceeded every expectation and continue to help us grow and mature as digital marketing evolves. Highly recommended! Director of Marketing, Colorado Allergy & Asthma Centers

Cammie Bellmar Latta

May 29, 2019

Will Romero

Jul 10, 2013

Brian and his team at Xcite have boosted my business presence on the Internet with a few knowledgeable tweaks that I would have NEVER thought of myself. Boosted Internet presence=More Clients Thanks!

Rhonda Redgate

May 16, 2018

Meghann Feldman

Jan 19, 2018

Jen and Xcite media have been helping our small business for almost a year. What I appreciate most about them is their excellent communication skills and willingness to really jump in and get to know us as a business and a ministry. I feel like they really value our contribution to the world and are fully invested in helping us succeed. For years I tried - with very limited success - to navigate facebook marketing. Mostly it felt like I was throwing money away. With Xcite, we are getting consistent results and growing our reach and social media presence. We are hoping for similar results and success in google marketing and site traffic growth. We highly recommend Xcite media and look forward to a long relationship with them.

Lee Binz

May 24, 2018

No better place to go for your marketing needs. Excellent web design as well!

Daniel Villegas

Oct 2, 2013

As our company scales, our account managers scale with us. We appreciate their accessibility and willingness to brainstorm, execute, and pivot as needed. Our Xcite team is an integral piece of our marketing group.

Carrie DeMallie

Jun 5, 2018

My company has always helped people by mastering creativity and technology and when it comes to AdWords, I don't trust anyone else.

Mark Camacho

Dec 19, 2014

Paul Beakley

Jan 4, 2014

Jeff Webb

Dec 23, 2013

Jack Roberts

May 15, 2018

Dan Rutherford

Dec 19, 2013

Veronica Ferrer

Oct 27, 2013

Levi Randall

Mar 8, 2018

Danielle Vawter

Dec 12, 2013

Amani AmRo Roberts

Nov 11, 2013

Christine Boyd

Oct 3, 2013

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