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BrandLume Inc

74 reviews

BrandLume Inc

74 reviews

Founded 2013 · Toronto, CA  ·

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Agency Vista Reviews

Great company to work with and they have been doing an stellar work for us over the years

Roham Jamali

74 Reviews

Cuidado. Me escribieron en nombre de esta empresa alguien que se identificó como una anunciante social, me ofreció un pago por anunciarse en mi página y lo que hicieron fue robarse mi cuenta. Así que precaucion

Jaime Mendez

Sep 21, 2021

This is an extremely unprofessional organization. My wife is a writer who wrote for them. They lured her by committing regular work and forced her to drop the prices to write for them. she wrote an article for them and submitted it for review. They never reverted back. She continued to text Mr Vaibhav and was kept on waiting for several months stating that the article is still under review. After two to three months of further wait, just a few days back she was informed by their marketing person Mr Vaibhav that the article was rejected! So, never work with them. They are entirely fraud. They gave generic reasons and did not even have the audacity to at least compensate for the time she has put in

Abhijeet Modi

Oct 19, 2021

Great company to work with and they have been doing an stellar work for us over the years

Roham Jamali

Jul 20, 2020

We owe our entire business growth and success to Brandlume. The achieve what we planned in growth within 2 years, in just under 5 months, and have continued helping our growth, ever since. would recommend them to any small business looking for a growth partner they can trust.

Mitra A

Jul 20, 2020

they were great!

Kosh Jilov

Mar 9, 2021

Before we started with BrandLume, we almost had no sale on our website. Now we are getting many sales and it’s growing day by day. BrandLume team is giving step by step guidance to improve our business to next level. Highly recommended by us.

Peter Wills

May 24, 2020

I love your design work guys. Our new website looks stunning. Thank you for all your work on the website.

Alana Hancock

Apr 2, 2020

The people at BrandLume were very easy to work with from day one. When they managed our Google Ads account, they put together a comprehensive plan, one that I just didn't have the time or advanced skills to put together on my own. That freed me up to explore other marketing opportunities. Their employees were quick to respond to any questions, and I felt totally at ease while working with them. From the start, they were eager to learn all aspects of our industry, so they could provide us with the most cost effective plan.

Jennifer Ott

Jun 9, 2020

Now that’s simplified marketing, two thumbs up! I was hesitant, but everything is good so far after 2 months.

PiyuSh AngRa

Apr 24, 2019

We found Brandlume after dealing with 4 SEO agencies in 5 years. It’s been over a year and we are dominating the first page for most of our keyword, something we never got before and the cost is considerably less than the other agencies. Thank you!

Mabel Shepherd

Aug 29, 2019

There is only one word for this company...OUTSTANDING! Not only did they give me exactly what I wanted, but they took the time to review each and every request and thoroughly consulted me on how best to implement the approach. Fine attention to detail and exemplary customer service. Money very VERY well spent. BrandLume are simply awesome!

Adriana Costa

Jun 1, 2020

Nice to have a great company serving great help for marketing strategies

Claudia Chew Puay San

Apr 25, 2019

We started working with PPC management at $1300 a month over 2 years ago, they did so amazingly that we’ve grown substantially and got them to do a whole lot more, a new website for us and take care of all of our marketing initiatives. Thank you, everyone, at brandlume for everything you guys do for us.

Veronika Roman

Sep 7, 2019

BrandLume delivers quality solutions to their clients with friendly and effective communication throughout the process. Their team is well trained on our platform and have a team of skilled developers, project managers, and management. It has been a joy to work with BrandLume and I confidently recommend them for projects knowing they deliver exceptional service and from feedback I have heard from their past clients.

Alton Anderson

Jun 3, 2020

We used to have four in-house marketing specialist and have gone down to one since a year a go that we started with brandlume. We’re saving $22k a month in HR and have got much more results putting $10k of that into doing everything with brandlume. Highly recommend

Kirti Goyal

Apr 23, 2019

Having recently hiring the services of BrandLume, I have found their customer service and most importantly their SEO/marketing skills to be far superior than any other SEO company I have tried. They have been able to get me more incoming leads in a couple of months than any other SEO company has been able to achieve for my company. I highly recommend BrandLume to anyone looking to rank on google.

Heather Stewart

May 26, 2020

You guys have completely turned our business around. I can't believe all the doubt I had, just 2 months ago and how far we have come already. lol, should have listened to you guys 8 months ago, when I initially reached out. I greatly appreciate all your effort and what you have done for my business.

Alisha Winn

Apr 5, 2020

The best customer service between 6 agencies I have dealt with in the last 9 years. Their ROI has been the best amongst them as well. Great company to work with.

Laura Yu

Apr 20, 2020

We are extremely pleased with BrandLume. They sincerely want to help their clients reach their goals and they have very creative ideas and the expertise to implement them. They are the real deal. I would not hesitate for a moment to recommend them to my connections, and have done so. If you have any questions about this company do not hesitate to contact me. We have worked with them for years and I am confident that we will be working together for years to come. Great people.

Daniel Oppesa

May 30, 2020

I would recommend Brandlume to and small business that is looking for a digital marketing agency that they can actually trust and count on. They've been doing my SEO, PPC and website maintenance and have brought great ROI so far.

Mark Anderson

Apr 8, 2020

Great Quest post backlink connections! things I’ve ordered have worked very good so far and are as advertised, so thank you for all your efforts and being on-time with your deliveries.

Anne Stevens

Aug 23, 2019

Serious SEO marketing knowledge and great accountability on deliverables.

Evelyn Giles

Apr 14, 2020

Impressive Pay Per Click results so far. Well worth the management fee they are changing and I couldn't be happier with their customer service.

Betty Mercado

Mar 30, 2020

Fantastic experience and great results so far, keep up the good work

Yvonne Patton

Sep 11, 2019

BrandLume fixed all our citations for the 7 locations that we had no log in info for, must others didn’t want to touch it. Highly recommend!

Marcus Winn

Jul 1, 2019

The most headache-free vendor we deal with by far. They do what they say and the customer service has not degraded after 2 years of working with them.

Nataliya Dorofeeva

Dec 13, 2019

You’ve gained a customer for life. Thanks for helping me sort out everything.

Rose Moncrieff

Jun 29, 2019

BrandLume helped us with local SEO and our website got ranked on the first page of Google within a short period of time. We are extremely pleased with the service provided by this team!

Beau Tudor

Sep 5, 2020

Our website is ranking at the top of the first page for some competitive words. These guys are the real deal. Still with them and plan to stay.

Sam Goffage

Sep 8, 2020

I've had the pleasure of working with BrandLume on multiple projects. They have a talented team of professionals that continue to go above and beyond my expectations. I would highly recommend for any web design, SEO, social media or internet marketing needs

Alice Vanzetti

Sep 13, 2020

I hired these guys to help me get more traffic and to grow my business online presence. The service was great and best investment I've ever made. They are great and easy to work with. Reasonable price package. They exceeded my expectations, helping us reach #1 on some of our keywords earlier than we had hoped.

Harry Galleghan

Sep 18, 2020

I want to thank BrandLume so much for my new website. The team were super helpful and the end result was just what we needed. I highly recommend there services. Thanks once again

Candice Krueger

Sep 21, 2020

BrandLume has been really helpful, gave the best solution for our business. Thank you for all the supports and magnificent work from all the staff members. Highly recommended!

Jackson Craigie

Sep 24, 2020

I found these guys right on time. They really saved my business with their SEO services and digital marketing. They're so great with ads and web design too. I have yet to sign up for other services but my experience with them so far has been superb!

Audrey Villanueva

Nov 21, 2020

Excellent service with excellent results. I saw an immediate and significant improvement in our click through rate.

Alyssa Conley

Nov 25, 2020

They did an amazing job redesigning our website and our FB pages get far more interactions than before! Love their work and they are always on top of things when we request something! Definitely recommend!

Pat Khan

Dec 1, 2020

BrandLume is great! I was looking for a digital marketing agency to help me market my online business. I also needed an SEO company that would help me rank higher on Google. The folks at BrandLume are professional, helped me define the goals for my business, and were able to handle both of my needs. Thanks!

Rachel Herrera

Dec 6, 2020

I would recommend this company for Social media marketing and SEO services. Our website was done by another company but BrandLume took it to the top of the search engines. We actually have an online presence.

Shirley Larson

Dec 11, 2020

The team at BrandLume were an absolute pleasure to do business with. They are bursting with creativity, flair and passion. They were professional in every aspect of their business and I have no hesitation in recommending them.

Audrey Johns

Dec 16, 2020

BrandLume is our go to agency for digital marketing services. We have been working with their team for a number of years which started with a rebrand projects right through to ongoing support. We value their ideas, quality of work and friendly manner. Thank you for the great service guys!

Fredrick Robin

Feb 14, 2021

Fantastic team at BrandLume! Responsive, timely, friendly service that resulted in a professional website designed just as I envisioned. I highly recommend them for an affordable, professional web design.

Eva Bentley

Feb 28, 2021

BrandLume has greatly improved our SEO, PPC and other digital advertising. I would certainly recommend their services.

Spencer Nilsen

Feb 20, 2021

They were very professional from the time I engaged with them to create my business website. Quick follow up and communication was great!

Janice Zuniga

Mar 6, 2021

BrandLume is a great company! The whole team has been so easy to work with over the years. Very friendly staff that is informative and skilled!

Frank Sobel

Mar 15, 2021

I had a great experience with BrandLume. They reinvented my website to both modernize and re-position it and did a very professional job. It looks great, functions well, and is much more appealing than it was before.

Micheal Park

Mar 21, 2021

I have been working with BrandLume for 3 years now. They constantly keep me updated on all the changes online and new opportunities to promote my business.

Paris Frey

Jun 11, 2021

Great work! They were focused and achieved their goals really quickly. Great communication too.

Richard Hodges

Jun 14, 2021

The team at BrandLume was wonderful to work with as they developed our new website. They truly listened to what it was we wanted created, and then utilized their expertise and knowledge to develop a website that was even beyond our vision. With a focus on the needs of today's clients as well as what future clients will require, they developed a site that has provided us with improved metrics and increased business.

Lucy Ramos

Jun 26, 2021

We’ve had some really good experiences working with Brandlume as they help us get better at what we do every day. The team is very responsive and easy to talk to. We look forward to continuing this partnership moving forward.

Juanita James

Nov 8, 2021

BrandLume has helped us develop an effective strategy that includes both paid search and organic SEO strategies. Their expertise allows us to focus on other areas where we can make improvements.

Petra Wallace

Nov 9, 2021

Working with Brandlume was one of the best decisions we could have made. Not only did they make our vision come true, but they exceeded our expectations. We hired them to design our logo and develop a brand platform that included print collateral, websites, e-mail campaigns, etc. After reviewing many proposals, they stood out among other firms due to their extensive portfolio, strong customer service skills, and ability to execute quickly. Since partnering with Brandlume, we have seen steady increases in both traffic and conversion rates. We couldn't imagine doing business without them now.

Rose Garcia

Nov 10, 2021

I've worked with several different web development companies over my career, including two previous agencies I ran myself. None were able to match the level of quality or attention to detail that Brandlume provides. They are always available for questions and provide great support when it comes time to launch new projects. When you need high quality work done fast, there's no place else to turn!

Mildred Lugo

Nov 11, 2021

They were great to work with. The entire process went smoothly and efficiently. From start to finish, it took about 3 months to complete all aspects of the campaign including keyword research, ad creation, landing pages, social media posts, email blasts, etc. All of these components came together seamlessly. Our ROAS increased by over 100% after implementing the campaign. This speaks volumes about how well executed the campaign was.

Lisa Choi

Nov 18, 2021

The entire process from start to finish went smoothly. From initial contact through final delivery, everything happened exactly how we expected it would. It was a pleasure working with Brandlume. Highly recommended!

Camilla Kiefer

Nov 13, 2021

I am so happy to be partnered up with Brandlume! From the beginning, it was evident how much effort they put into making sure everything went smoothly for me during the process. As soon as I signed the contract, they began work immediately. When there were changes needed or additional information requested, they were quick to respond. Throughout the entire project, they kept me updated about progress and answered all of my questions promptly. I would highly recommend Brandlume if you want your website to stand apart from others. You won’t regret choosing them!

Terry Mallette

Nov 16, 2021

The entire experience was great! From start to finish, it was seamless. When I first met with Brandlume, I knew right away that they understood exactly how I wanted to market myself and my products/services. Throughout the process, they provided me with constant updates and kept me informed about everything going on. At times, there may be delays or changes along the way; however, Brandlume worked diligently to ensure that all aspects of the project ran smoothly. In addition, they took into consideration my budget constraints and delivered a final product that fit perfectly within my overall branding plan.

Jennifer Burnett

Nov 15, 2021

I would highly recommend Brandlume for your next project! Overall, Brandlume provided great support throughout the whole process. They responded promptly to emails or phone calls and were available whenever needed. If you need someone who cares about your business and wants to see it succeed then Brandlume should be your first choice.

Sharon Jones

Nov 17, 2021

I would recommend Brandlume for anyone looking for a marketing agency who understands your needs and wants to work closely with you to achieve those goals.The Brandlume team provided great support throughout the whole process. They listened carefully to our needs and delivered exactly what we asked for.

Shannon Adame

Nov 16, 2021

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Sabatha Lorch

Jan 16, 2022

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I'll Be MsholoZi III

Feb 24, 2022

From the development of our custom website to our digital marketing strategy, including SEO and SEM, they have always shown the highest levels of professionalism and dedication. We're happy to have their support and help to see our business grow.

James Heller

Apr 5, 2022

BrandLume has been excellent to work with. And the best part is the management of our SEO work and the project. The results continue to be beyond our expectations! I highly recommend them and very happy to write this review!

Antonio Xirau

Apr 8, 2022

Great job creating my business' website from scratch. Excellent customer service, follow up and ongoing consulting. Thank you!

Nancy Moon

Apr 11, 2022

Our company uses BrandLume for SEO and we are amazed with how much it has impacted our business. We have already received a couple new clients through the internet. These guys are good!

Justin Cuevas

Apr 15, 2022

They are top notch! Superb communication with client needs! They listen, respond, and bring good ideas to the table. They have made our marketing needs much smoother and manageable for us. We have used a few marketing companies in the past, and no one has compared to BrandLume. We are very happy customers!

Leela Verselis

Apr 18, 2022

They were quick with our website and easy to work with. Design looks professional and communication is excellent

Monika Wood

Apr 21, 2022

At the initial meeting with this team, I could tell that BrandLume was different from other internet marketing companies. They pay attention to detail, stay ahead of everyone else with regards to whats new and relevant, and every member of their team that I have worked with has displayed excellent customer service! Most importantly, they took time to understand our company's needs.

Samantha White

Apr 25, 2022

BrandLume is the best! they have been working on my marketing for the past year. I am a first time business owner and needed a ton of help with my marketing strategy. I highly recommend them!

Gary Jones

Apr 28, 2022

BrandLume knows how important it is to provide marketing that clearly fits their clients as well as hitting the right algorithms to draw in their audience. I highly recommend their social media and SEO services.

Deborah Hobbs

May 1, 2022

I highly recommend using BrandLume for your digital marketing needs. They are good communicators, down to earth and easy to deal with... what more could you ask?

Ashley Hurst

May 4, 2022

Great service and work done, top notch work for our website and facebook page. 10/10 would recommend.

Adrienne Salas

May 10, 2022

BrandLume is a great company to work with! Friendly, professional, efficient, affordable... they made the process very easy. Would highly recommend!

Bryant Birch

May 14, 2022

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Pweety II

Jun 19, 2022

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Sunday Tizhe

Jun 27, 2022

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