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Every time you click play on a YouTube tutorial or a product review video, you’re increasing engagement for someone else’s business. The good news is, you can boost your own business by sharing your own videos with quality content. I know making videos can sound overwhelming, so if you’re still on the fence about adding videos to your marketing strategy, listen in as I dig into the data about how powerful video really is in 2020!

2020 has tested how every business connects with clients, and social media has proven itself as a reliable and impactful resource over and over again. Want to make sure you’re leveraging social media in the most meaningful way possible? Learn the 4 stages of my Social Media Success Framework to improve your social media strategy now!

Systemic racism is real. Thankfully, there are daily actions we can all do with just a little more intention and practice to help create the change we need. Alethea Cheng Fitzpatrick discusses what diversity, equity, and inclusion means for digital businesses, why self-awareness is crucial to changing systemic racism, how to co-create space for your community to share experiences, the power of asking “tell me more” and how to have necessary conversations so we can keep moving forward together!

Ever feel like you’re showing up in all the social media scenes but you’re still not booking as many clients as you want or your business isn’t growing like you thought it would? Matt Johnson shares the power of narrowing your niche, how to create impact with a small audience, why he focuses on only one social media channel, and how the “no new content” strategy can create the engagement you’re looking for!

When’s the last time you had a genuine conversation on social media? What does it feel like to have real engagement instead of just a like or a follow? Nikki Rausch breaks down how to treat social media as a conversation, the power of asking specific questions on social media, how to convert engagement into sales, and why saying goodbye to some people means welcoming those who are truly ready to work with you!