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SharpSpring Sales & Marketing Automation + CRM

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SharpSpring Sales & Marketing Automation + CRM

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Gainesville, FL · 2012 ·

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SharpSpringBuzz is back! 🐝 It's been way too long and we can't wait to engage and connect with folks in the Gainesville community who are interested in the tech field. Meet up with us at Palomino, hang out with some of the team, and learn about open roles at #SharpSpring on Thursday, July 15th at 6pm. Sign up to attend (for free!) at the link in our bio.

July 8, 2021





SharpSpringThe Gainesville #SharpSpring team has been reunited and we had an outdoor bash to celebrate! 🎉 We’re thrilled to be back together in the office 2 days a week while still reaping the benefits of that #WFH life the other 3 days. Now that’s worth celebrating! #hybridworkweek #outdoorofficeparty 🌻 🍹 🎷

June 10, 2021





SharpSpringMeet Leya Wood! (she/they) who manages one of SharpSpring's tech support teams. Leya is known for her kindness, vulnerability and general good vibes. She is all for positivity, “but not the kind of toxic positivity that ignores the bad parts of life.” How did Leya gain this unique outlook on life? She realized she could dwell on the negative or process it and move forward. “If I can change it, then great. If not, I process it and move on.” She has learned the power of choosing joy in the midst of the bad. Leya is no stranger to adversity. 11 years ago, multiple doctors told Leya that she would never be able to conceive. Leya was devastated and tempted to ignore that heaviness but instead chose to feel it. She worked with a therapist to process her emotions with tools such as journal entries, long walks, and some good old rants. With the support of her close circle, Leya made it through a dark season of her life. Years after she was told she would never have kids, Leya found out she was pregnant! Overjoyed, Leya, who identifies as non-binary and genderqueer, wanted part of her son’s name to be gender-neutral so she chose the name Quinn (her father’s middle name) and she always loved the name Jeremy. Amid the overwhelming excitement, Jeremy Quinn was born 11 weeks premature and spent his first weeks in the NICU where he received drip feedings and breathing assistance. But on February 25th, more than two months after Jeremy was born, Leya got the call to take him home. He’s been growing stronger every day and will be celebrating his first birthday on December 17th! Leya has learned how to master life — by mindfully inviting joy in. She even has a rainy day folder on her desktop that she uses to give her jolts of joy throughout her day. Her grandmother kept her own version of a rainy day folder: a scrapbook. From ridiculous memes to a video of cows dancing, Leya’s folder has brightened many a day at SharpSpring. How can you mindfully invite joy in? “Get an awesome therapist, find ways to incorporate your hobbies, and learn to embrace your feelings (even the negative ones). Oh and make a rainy day folder!” Glad you’re on the team, Leya! 💚 #HumansOfSharpSpring

March 18, 2021





SharpSpringMajor thanks from the #SharpSpring team to all those who submitted reviews and helped us attain the 2021 Top Rated award from @trustradius. We’re beyond excited! Thank you for your feedback and honest opinions – please keep ‘em coming. And we’ll keep trying our best to exceed your expectations every day. 🥇

July 1, 2021





SharpSpringHappy #earthday from the team at SharpSpring! Today we’re trying to remember the mantra “the earth is what we all have in common” and choosing to get out and (safely) explore our beautiful environment and appreciate our community. How are you celebrating today? 🌱🌎 💚 #earthdayeveryday

April 22, 2021