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Zeal Marketing Group

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Zeal Marketing Group

3 reviews

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Meet Ashley Madden! Ashley is the founder of Helianthus Advising. Her goal is to lead a team of digital marketing experts and make our clients happy! She's a long-time writer, marketer, consultant, and entrepreneur. Besides crafting unique content and leading our clients to greatness, Ashley enjoys sipping coffee, playing with her cats, traveling the world, and spending time in nature. https://bit.ly/2H0Ds1J

November 6, 2020

Sometimes, you need a little help to reach your full potential, and that's why we provide consulting services. Understand marketing and jumpstart your business's success. Find that dream job by enhancing your resume, LinkedIn, and interview skills. Or become the business owner you've always wanted to be by organizing your projects, empowering your staff, and maximizing your success! At Helianthus Advising, we want to see you grow. https://bit.ly/2ZZY6pv

October 30, 2020

With our marketing expertise, we help you grow higher, taller, faster! Our digital marketing agency provides marketing services in social media, fundraising, content, SEO (search engine optimization), and email. Let us do the work for you — our team of marketers uses industry experience to tackle any challenge while you sit back and watch your business grow! https://bit.ly/37bcOxX

October 16, 2020

Building A Relationship With Clients! Why is it important? - Building a relationship with your clients is ideal for any small business. But why is it so important? A relationship with a client will keep them coming back. - How Do I Build A Relationship with a client? Every interaction with a client is an opportunity to build a relationship: - Make communication comfortable and easy. - Reassure clients. - Treat them as individuals. - Listen to your clients. - Face-to-face communication is more personal and effective. Is your business fully remote? Add personality when communicating virtually, it allows the client to get to know you and your business more! - Take responsibility for your mistakes and encourage your clients to give.

November 2, 2020

Creating content takes time — LOTS of time. Helianthus Advising provides services for any content creation you might need, from content writing to graphic design to website creation! Take the guesswork out of crafting content and let our experts create engaging, original, and results-driven material that your customers will love. https://bit.ly/33XwXVZ

October 23, 2020

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