June 28, 2022 - Natalya

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4th of July Email Subject Lines to Boost ClickThroughs

While the 4th of July is a federal holiday in the United States and a massive celebration for all Americans, it also offers an excellent opportunity for businesses to boost their sales. Consumers will be stocking up on fireworks, food, drinks, and other supplies this upcoming weekend.

One of the most effective ways to align your product or service with this holiday is through an email marketing campaign. Catchy 4th of July email subject lines can capture your audiences attention and drive immediate action.

A great subject line makes or breaks whether your email will be opened, read, and clicked. 35% of customers open emails based solely on the subject line. That said, it is essential to choose them attentively to drive open rates and sell more.

Before jumping to the best performing 4th of July subject lines for your inspiration, let’s run through the 4th of July spending stats first.

4th of July Spending Stats for Marketers

Barbeques, fireworks, cocktails, and patriotic celebration: Americans are preparing for an exciting 4th of July. The National Retail Federation’s Independence Day Data Center has conducted its annual Independence Day survey, revealing that 84% of Americans plan to celebrate the holiday. So let’s see where their money is going.

Food: As with other summer events, the celebration often occurs outdoors. Barbecues and picnics are the most popular celebration activities, that is why food is the largest spending category on the 4th of July. The total expected spending on food items this year is $7.7B, with an average expected to spend per person of $84.12.

The NRF’s Independence Day Data Center report | Nrf.com

Alcohol: Since the 4th of July is one of the country’s top drinking holidays, spendings on beer and wine are usually impressive. In previous years Americans were projected to spend over $1.4 billion on beer and wine. People are passionate about alcoholic drinks on Independence Day, so we expect no fewer beer and wine sales this year.

Fireworks: No doubt, it is a great time for fireworks, fun, and friends. As Covid-19 restrictions continue to ease, Americans are eagerly spending on fireworks and enjoying the explosive delights. The last year’s data shows that Americans spend about $1.5 billion on fireworks.

As you can see, Americans know how to celebrate, and this holiday is an excellent chance to grab the audience’s attention and make massive sales. So now, let’s get to the quality 4th of July email subject lines to launch a successful email campaign.

Best Performing 4th of July Subject Lines

While looking for the highest-performing 4th of July subject lines by yourself can be time-consuming, we have analyzed the Omnisend research to provide you with the top 5 list.

According to the research, besides ‘Independence Day/4th of July’ wording in the subject lines, the following phrases performed the same great:

  • holiday
  • last
  • sale off
  • %
  • don’t miss
  • free
  • now
  • save
  • soon

The following 5 Independence Day subject lines are the winners if we focus on the open and click rates.

  1. “Independence Day Special” (30.3% open rate, 11.6% click rate).
  2. “Independence Day Weekend Special: Free Shipping Over $75, Coupon, and New Africa Twin Items!” (27.3% open rate, 3.5% click rate).
  3. “LAST DAY Independence Day Sale | up to 70% Off” (23% open rate, 10.3% click rate).
  4. “Independence Day Bead Deals, up to 70% Off!” (22.9% open rate, 12.3% click rate).
  5. “INDEPENDENCE DAY SALE!” (21.4% open rate, 4.2% click rate).

Save the image below displaying this valuable data and use it for your 4th of July email campaigns.

Best Performing 4th of July Subject Lines | Omnisend.com

Consider urgency, curiosity, offers, relevance, and timeliness when crafting your email subject line. Not sure which one to use? Try sending out two at the same time. Then, experiment and see what works best.

25+ 4th of July Subject Line Ideas You Should Try Out

We have collected 25+ 4th of July email subject lines to inspire your next campaign. From the patriotic elements to free shipping subject lines, these will help you sell more for the Independence Day weekend. We have split them into a few groups for your convenience. Let’s go.

4th of July Email Subject Lines with ‘Free Shipping’

  • Order before the 4th of July and receive free shipping!
  • FREE SHIPPING this Independence Day only
  • Light up your July 4th with free shipping
  • Celebrate freedom with free shipping
  • Embrace Independence Day with free shipping on all orders
4th of July e-mail subject lines | Steve Madden

Source: Original Steve Madden email

Steve Madden is choosing tactically red and blue email with the subject line “Go fourth for a limited time 25% off plus free shipping”.

4th of July Email Subject Lines with ‘Celebrate.’

  • Our Savings celebration is a blast
  • Get beach ready to celebrate the 4th of July
  • Celebrate freedom with products that don’t depend on a large budget
  • Go ahead and celebrate liberty with these savings
  • Celebrate Your Independence
4th of July email subject lines | Brit+Co

Source: Original Brit+co email

Brit+Co recommends its products while focusing on the colors of the flag. ‘Get beach ready to celebrate the 4th of July’ is their perfect call-to-action and email subject line. 

4th of July Email Subject Lines with Patriotic Elements 

The following email subject lines are related to the flag, patriotism, and American traditions.

  • Go Fourth in Red, White, & Shoes
  • America’s Pastime on the 4th of July
  • We salute you … for saving money with this 4th of July sales
  • The land of the free and the home of this sale: Don’t miss out
  • Happy Birthday the USA
4th of July email subject lines | Cotton Bureau

Source: Original Cotton Bureau email

The t-shirt company Cotton Bureau used patriotic elements (American flag colors) in their email campaign and included nearly 15 t-shirts related to Independence Day.

4th of July Subject Lines with Sales

  • 4th of July Sale: Go! Go!…
  • The biggest bang for your buck: 4th of July-inspired outfits, 50% off
  • Celebrate the red, white, and YOU with 30% off for Independence Day
  • LAST DAY Independence Day Sale | Up to 70% off
  • 4 deals that save time and money so that you’re free to spend time with your people
4th of July email subject lines | Tommy Hilfiger

Source: Original Tommy Hilfiger email

Tommy Hilfiger goes out with a fun gif to inform the world about its sparkling 4th of July sale.

Other General 4th of July Subject Lines

  • Last chance – 4th of July sale ends today
  • Create a spark with these new products
  • The perfect 4th of July weekend
  • Grilling secrets from the pros – 4th of July party menu
  • Bring on the fireworks: This deal will have you fired up
  • Wishing you a memorable holiday with your loved ones
  • Our favorite 4th of July essential is…
  • Enjoy your freedom 4th of July Deals
  • This is better than fireworks
  • Our flaming-hot guide to the 4th of July will compete with your fireworks

Source: Original Kate Spade email

Kate Spade’s “Happy birthday America” email subject line and a spontaneous photo stand out from the crowded inbox.


Now you have 25+ 4th of July email subject lines to choose from or get inspired by. Adjust them to your brand and marketing needs, and craft an email campaign that will stand out from the rest of the 4th of July emails. Let’s make this holiday a special day for your audience and your brand!

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