May 10, 2021 - Natalya

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5 Best Apps to Learn Digital Marketing On The Go

As a digital marketer you have to keep up with the rapidly changing environment of the Internet and all things digital, and to do this you need to be on top of the latest advances, news, and education. But where can you find the time to learn something new as a busy digital marketer? The Agency Vista team has put together the 6 best apps to learn digital marketing on the go!

We all know that learning is a continuous process. And thanks to the Internet and mobile apps, it is also convenient. The modern marketer can grab many benefits and inspiration from the mobile app revolution. With the arrival of mobile devices, it is no longer necessary to take “bulky” laptops and other devices on the road, on business trips, to meetings, and for other purposes. However, mobile devices would not bring so much benefit without mobile applications. The importance of mobile applications in education is growing, and the main reason for this is the opportunities they provide. Education is the third most popular category on the App Store, and on Google Play, e-learning is even higher in the second place.   

The use of mobile applications for gadgets running on Android and iOS can open up the most expansive opportunities for self-development and learning. Such applications can significantly facilitate memorizing of new information and offer the data readily available on the go. Ok, let’s get down to business and run through the best apps to learn digital marketing.

6 Best Apps to Learn Digital Marketing 

Today, the market offers many various applications and online services to master marketing skills. We have narrowed the list down to 6 of our favorites.

1. TED 

TED is an American private non-profit foundation that is famous for its annual conferences on interesting topics (business, culture, science, art, global issues, technology, etc.). The slogan of the conferences is “ideas worth spreading.” If you want to get more new knowledge, be inspired by new ideas and personal stories of successful people – you should pay attention to TED lectures. You can find them both on the conference’s official website and in the app, which can be downloaded on iTunes and Google Play.

Sometimes 15 minutes on stage is enough to inspire people to change. The app allows you to view more than 3,000 TED talks with subtitles in more than 100 languages, download them, bookmark them to watch videos later, as well as listen to TED Radio Hour program releases and download audio recordings.

Best Apps to Learn Digital Marketing On The Go | Agency Vista

The application is handy and pleasant to use for any modern marketer. It is an excellent solution to get the necessary, essential, and simply exciting information in a concise and accessible format. How physics relates to marketing, why ideas go viral, and what customers want – feed your curiosity with TED!

2. Coursera

As one of the most popular sites for online education, Coursera has many offerings, including free online marketing courses. Check ‘em out. Even if you don’t see anything you like, check back every now and then – new classes are always being added.

Here are a few of our favorites digital marketing Coursera programs:

3. Primer 

When talking about the best apps to learn digital marketing, we cannot miss Google Primer. Primer is a free mobile app from Google that offers quick, easy-to-understand lessons for business owners and anyone looking to grow their business and digital marketing skills. This is a perfect solution for iOS and Android fans who want to learn marketing for just five minutes a day. Like all other Google educational initiatives, it is absolutely free for users. Google marketers prepare the training course, so it is extremely modern and innovative. A special feature of the offered classes is a particularly easy way of presenting the material – it is presented in the most accessible way and designed in the form of cards.

The application covers different aspects of the discipline: automated marketing, content marketing, working with media, special metrics, design, programmatic, search advertising. According to Google representatives, the purpose of creating the app is to help marketers acquire new knowledge, regardless of which company they work for, big or small.

Lessons range from beginner to advanced level and are divided into small parts, so learning the subject does not require long-term focus and involvement. According to the service creators, you can use it in the queue for coffee or during a trip to work. However, it is available offline. All the users’ progress is saved in their profile.

4. Podcast Apps

Digital marketing is developing so fast that it is impossible to keep track of all the trends and study each case. Fortunately, when you do not have time to read, you can listen to podcasts. A few years ago, podcasts blew up the world, and podcast listeners have grown 29.5% in 3 years. The media, business people, bloggers record them. This is good news because there is a vast amount of helpful information for marketers on the web.

Podcasts are listened to during rush hour, on the street in the cold, in bed before falling asleep. In general, when it is inconvenient to read. You can put the recordings on pause, come back to listen later, share them on social networks, and discuss them with colleagues.

Both the Podcasts for iPhone and Stitcher for Android are homes to all your favorite podcasts and easy-to-navigate features. These are a few examples only; the market offers plenty of available options. Podcast apps allow you to subscribe to your favorite authors to learn about the release of a new episode instantly and flexibly manage playback.

5. Facebook Blueprint

Facebook Blueprint is Facebook’s official courses on digital advertising on platforms owned by Facebook. It has over 100 mini-courses that are completely free to take.

By taking Facebook Blueprint courses, you’ll obtain a strong fundamental understanding of how advertising works on Facebook’s platforms, from mastering Facebook Audience Insights to how big brands measure lift in ad recall on million-dollar budgets.

You’ll also learn the latest changes Facebook has made to ads and the latest updates to Instagram ads.

In addition to the courses, Facebook Blueprint offers exams so people can get officially certified in certain areas of Facebook advertising. Currently, they have nine different categories you can become certified in. And when you do, you get a badge you can display on LinkedIn, your resume, website, and other marketing materials.

6. LinkedIn

At first glance, it seems that only recruiters and developers use LinkedIn. But this is not the case. This largest social network helps you connect with colleagues, establish professional contacts for development in any field, and follow the new industry trends.

Following the top marketing experts and keeping an eye on the skillsets employers are looking for in their marketing positions is a great way to stay on top of digital. 

Moreover, the LinkedIn Learning platform allows each user to gain new knowledge, regardless of their professional level in their activities. And most importantly, it is a great tool for both self-development and for getting useful contacts that will help you in the future. The authors of the video courses are industry experts who share insider information and help other users develop their personal and professional skills. Also, LinkedIn Learning combines 100% of’s courses with LinkedIn data to give marketers and digital professionals great educational content.

The online platform allows you to study all course materials in 7 languages from any device. At home, at work, on the road – everywhere you can watch educational content from a laptop, PC, tablet, or smartphone.


The crazy rhythm of modern life dictates its own laws, and often the only free time is in transport or driving a car, and the most affordable way to get some information is a smartphone. If you do not give up and want to keep up with marketing trends and new tools, then your choice is training through a mobile app.

This article has covered the five best apps to learn digital marketing for beginners and professional marketers. Prepare your smartphones for endless knowledge flows! 

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