May 7, 2021 - Brittany Garlin

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Facebook Advertising Myths: 10 Misconceptions to Leave Behind in 2021

Among all the largest social platforms in the world, Facebook offers the widest advertising opportunities. Even if you sell a very niche product, there are still chances that your target audience is on this social network. Let’s dive into some Facebook advertising myths we’ve all probably heard from colleagues or friends. Then, I’ll explain why you need to leave these old ways of thinking behind. 

Facebook advertising is considered one of the most complex. The algorithms of the social network are constantly changing and are not disclosed. Almost everything that concerns the placement and moderation of ads is automatic. Therefore, it is not surprising that myths appear about the advertising opportunities of this social network.

No doubt, advertising on Facebook is effective, but you need to get rid of illusions and stop believing myths to implement the tool correctly. In this article, we will look at ten common Facebook advertising myths and misconceptions.

10 Facebook Advertising Myths That Are Killing Your Business Growth 

Myth 1: Facebook advertising is too expensive

This is not true. Facebook’s settings are very flexible, and you can set any budget you want. The network’s algorithms will search for users within your price range. The main thing here is not to go too far with the settings. On Facebook, very small companies are also successfully promoted. Moreover, there are many useful functions for business even inside the page to which you can lead users using advertising.

You are investing a lot in your business but, for some reason, you avoid paid ads. Most entrepreneurs are willing to miss out on a few hundred potential customers to avoid paying for advertising. In fact, on Facebook Ads, you will need $1 a day to compete with the big brands. Of course, a minimum budget will not give you huge results, but you will still get some effect.  

The budget of an advertising campaign depends only on the goal of your campaign. But it is safe to say that Facebook ads do not require a huge financial injection from you. You can get started with any budget.

Myth 2: Facebook ads will not work for B2B

Some businesses still avoid Facebook promotion, losing dozens or maybe hundreds of potential clients every month. Large companies are afraid of draining their budget, as they underestimate the audience on Facebook. But most users of the social network are adults. And the opportunities for B2B marketers on Facebook are endless.

HubSpot’s 2020 Not Another Marketing Report shows that companies see the most ROI on Facebook than other social media platforms. Facebook allows you to choose users by demographic, employer, industry, company name, annual income, office type. Moreover, the platform enables you to create a similar audience that automatically finds people similar to your own customers, which works magically.

B2B lead generation from Facebook is a very real task. Do not be afraid to test different approaches: conversion campaigns for wide audiences and narrow targeting. Work in tandem with the client. Constantly check the quality of applications, get access to CRM or Google Sheets for daily monitoring of the situation. This way, you can quickly make changes to your ad campaigns based on the data you have already received.

Myth 3: I need a large audience to achieve success

The great thing about Facebook ads is that you already have a huge reach of potential customers. Facebook is happy to show your ads to any of its billion monthly active audiences. All you have to do is tell Facebook who your potential customer is. Set up targeting correctly. After that, the social network will do everything necessary to make as many people as possible know about you.

If you already have a list of contacts of potential customers, for example, a certain number of emails, you can show your ad to them and those whose parameters match their interests.

If you do not have a contact list, you can show the ads to people who visited your site and were interested in your company. To do this, set the pixel on the pages of your resource. After Facebook sees who is interested in your offer, you can duplicate the audience. This will help expand the number of people who will see your ads.

Myth 4: Facebook advertising campaign is a stand-alone tool

A marketing strategy is a comprehensive business development plan. It includes all tools related to increasing profits and sales. No doubt, promotion in social networks allow you to develop your business and attract new customers effectively. But it is not correct to focus on Facebook ads as the stand-alone tool to boost your sales. 

Any company strives to be the most visible in the market among competitors. To be successful, you need to utilize all the channels to promote your company – content marketing, SEO, influencer marketing, corporate website, and paid social media advertising campaigns. 

Each channel can attract users and convert them into buyers. But all channels with a comprehensive promotion make it possible to reach the maximum number of suitable potential customers and sell them more goods/services — thereby benefiting the customers of a particular brand and increasing the business’s profit.

Myth 5: High CTR is the primary goal of an advertising campaign

Yes, a high click-through ratio is often a sign of a good hit to the target audience, but it is indirect. This is important to understand. There are situations when the audience clicks on the ad reluctantly. Therefore, it is more important to look at the target actions in the context of each audience-creative bundle. It is also worth watching the CTR in dynamics: if it decreases from day to day, it means that the audience burns out.

The increase in clickability can be achieved thanks to a provocative headline or a bright visual, but such traffic may not lead to conversion. Users will go to the page/site/landing page and leave it without finding a relevant offer. Therefore, you need to evaluate the CTR in synergy with the conversion rate. Increasing the click-through rate without increasing the number of conversions will not positively impact the quality of the ad. Remember, the main goal of the campaign is to get targeted actions.

Myth 6: People ignore Facebook ads because they are annoying

Unsurprisingly, Facebook is one of the biggest players in digital advertising, indicating that social media advertising is front and center in the digital advertising world. Facebook’s main goal is to attract and retain users on the platform. Therefore, people need to be constantly involved and see exciting information. Facebook does not show people something that they are not interested in because it might alienate them.

A properly created ad has the advantage that more people will see it, and the number of clicks will also increase. Facebook ads are only shown to those who will find them interesting and valuable. That is why it is so effective.

Myth 7: Facebook advertising is a useful tool, but it won’t work for my business

Most likely, you think that Facebook ads will not work for your business for one of the following reasons:

  • Only frivolous brands place their ads on social networks.
  • Such advertising only helps to increase brand awareness and collect likes under the posts.
  • Your product is not digital.
  • You do not want to annoy people who just spend the evening relaxing and watching the feed on social networks.

This is only part of the excuses that entrepreneurs come up with. 

59% of global social media users are on Facebook, it is estimated. These are real people, and they are interested in hundreds of different things, including your product/service. Right now, a dozen or several dozen of your potential customers are browsing their Facebook feed and seeing your competitor’s ads. This means that you are missing them. If your business brings some benefit to potential customers, then advertising on Facebook will benefit you.

Myth 8: Good advertising requires professional photos and art

Your Facebook ad must have images. For them to pay off, they must be visually appealing and attract attention. That is all. No doubt, if you can afford the services of top illustrators and photographers, this is great. If not, this is not a mandatory requirement for advertising.

Do not worry if you do not know all the ins and outs of design art. Images created with Canva, Fotostars, and similar ones will also give good results. You do not need to be a professional designer to make something interesting and beautiful. Do not lose customers while you bring your images to perfection.

Myth 9: You should set up retargeting for all visitors to your website

Retargeting website visitors is always a good idea, but setting up retargeting for all these people in one ad group is wrong.

Different people visit your website through various campaigns, view different sections of it, and are at different sales funnel stages. Therefore, retargeting should be appropriate – with different ads, budgets, etc. Always try to segment site visitors to various user audiences and target them with different ad groups. For example, you can create a custom audience from the users who came to the landing page from an ad. These people have already shown interest in your offer and are more likely to convert than other users.

You can also create a custom audience from the people who visited the price list page. These users are much more likely to become customers than those who viewed the home page and left. Give them an attractive offer to turn them into paying customers.

Myth 10: You need to identify your audience with laser precision

Super-accurate targeting can undoubtedly help you find people who are most likely to be interested. Still, they do not necessarily have the same desire to click on your ad and increase your conversion rate.

Facebook’s algorithm is very powerful, and you should let it do what it was designed to do: optimize your ad campaigns. A super-accurate target audience will most often be too small for the algorithm to work magically and may restrict it from finding the right people.

If you need conversions, leads, or traffic to your site, it is best to create your ad groups for a broad audience.


Advertising campaigns on the Facebook social network are an excellent tool for promoting a product, brand, or personality. Still, some misconceptions and myths about Facebook advertising often seem to discourage business owners.

Facebook advertising myths we have run through above are just a few examples. There are many other myths associated with Facebook. And with each innovation, new ones appear. If you allow them to keep you from using this platform, you will lose a lot of profit. So, forget all the fairy tales you have heard about Facebook ads and start creating your new ad campaign!

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