July 13, 2022 - Natalya

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Instagram Creator Marketplace: Everything Brands and Agencies Need to Know

Instagram creator marketplace is officially here. Mark Zuckerberg has recently announced launching a branded content marketplace. He talks about ”a set place on Instagram where creators can get discovered and paid, and where brands can share new partnership opportunities.”

With 93% of marketers using influencer marketing in their campaigns and Instagram being a leader here, it is quite a smart move. The platform wants to provide creators with monetization opportunities and give brands new ways to tap into the creator economy. 

Whether you are an agency, a brand looking to expand your reach, or an influencer searching for some great sponsorships, this announcement is excellent news.

What is the Instagram Creator Marketplace?

Instagram creator marketplace is a new space within the app, where:

  • creators can find brands;
  • brands can find creators;
  • both look for opportunities to work together.
Instagram Creator Marketplace | Instagram.com

You may think that you have already heard about a similar matchmaking service. And you are right. Instagram takes on TikTok and introduces its marketing platform for working with content creators within the Instagram ecosystem. It gives brands access to leading influencers and offers creators direct access to brand deals and partnerships.

In other words, Instagram has launched its own “internal” trading platform. Like TikTok, Instagram provides brands and influencers with first-hand analytics, tools, direct access, and a communication method. Moreover, there is no need to use and/or pay for a third-party platform.

How does it work? A brand can find a content creator through Instagram’s discovery feature and message the creator with the offer to collaborate. Some project details (deliverables, rates, and payments) can also be provided to the creator without involving any third-party platform. A separate folder will be created in Instagram DMs, allowing creators and brands to filter offers and projects. That is it – easier than ever!

How Is This Different from Instagram Creator Studio?

Instagram creator studio is a platform content creators and influencers can use to manage their accounts. It is the main goal of the platform. The tool helps access flexible profile controls, simplified messaging, and growth tools. You can use Instagram creator studio to post content, schedule content, and get insights for your account, like performance metrics.

Instagram creator studio focuses on allowing creators to post, manage, and measure content results. The Instagram creator marketplace is all about connecting brands and creators and building branded content partnerships on Instagram, with payments handled right on the app. 

What Other Platforms Have Creator Marketplaces?

Branded content is a multibillion-dollar industry. Obviously, popular social media platforms strive to build a centralized network for content creators and businesses, allowing more authentic partnerships. So which platforms have creator marketplaces? We have listed a few below.

Facebook Creator Marketplace

Brand Collabs Manager | Facebook.com

Brand Collabs Manager, Facebook’s influencer platform, facilitates collaboration between influencers and companies for paid partnerships. The platform was officially launched in 2018 and made the search and cooperation with creators less tedious and time-consuming.

Brands use Brand Collabs Manager to search and discover Facebook creators for branded content deals. For instance, they explore suggested creators based on filters like target audience, follower count, past branded content partners, and more.

Moreover, recently Meta has rolled out new monetization tools for creators on Facebook and Instagram:

  • More money for creators – There will be no revenue sharing on events, subscriptions, badges, and bulletins until 2024.
  • Interoperable subscriptions – Creators can give their paying subscribers on other platforms access to subscriber-only Facebook Groups.
  • Facebook stars – More creators can start earning money from Reels, live, or VOD videos.
  • Monetizing Reels – The feature will open the Reels Play Bonus program to more creators on Facebook. Also, it will let creators post their Instagram Reels to Facebook.

TikTok Creator Marketplace

TikTok Creator Marketplace | TikTok.com

TikTok Creator Marketplace was launched in 2019. It is a place for creators to sell their content to brands and for businesses to connect with talented creators. By joining the platform, brands access TikTok creators who can craft viral videos for their products or services. 

Creators can be browsed by location, category, number of views, followers, or reach. In addition, TikTok suggests using all the creator marketing tools in one place. You should complete three easy steps – search for creators, invite them to collaborate, and view insights.

Snapchat Creator Marketplace

Snapchat Creator Marketplace | Creators.snap.com

In 2021 Snapchat also adopted a similar platform for creators and brands to connect. Snapchat Creator Marketplace helps businesses discover and partner with Snapchat’s Creator community. Companies search for partners using a budget, language, and specialty filters. Creators set their rates and decide which projects to take on. 

The Marketplace organizes the app’s offerings for influencers, giving creators more visibility and options for brands at various price points. Snapchat Creator Marketplace is available via Business Manager to businesses with a business account. 

Instagram Creator Marketplace Features: A Breakdown

Instagram has outlined a few tools that will be available for brands and creators to build a streamlined partnership.

  • Discovery
  • Partnership Messaging
  • Projects
  • Payments

1. Discovery 

Instagram Creator Marketplace | Discovery feature | Instagram.com

Today, there is no need to surf the web for hours or even days to locate the right influencer. Instead, Instagram has simplified the process and added the discovery feature to align partnerships that resonate with both sets of audiences.

Here, brands can locate and connect with creators that match their industry and brand message. At the same time, creators can specify their interests and topics that align with their work activity. 

2. Partnership Messaging

Instagram Creator Marketplace | Partnership messaging | Instagram.com

Forget about getting lost in your DMs. Now you will have a dedicated section at the top of the primary tab. All the messages with offers and partnerships will be organized and separated.

3. Projects

Instagram Creator Marketplace | Projects | Instagram.com

Instagram’s Project tool will include all the relevant project info, details, requirements, and rates. Projects can be sent and received via the Partnership Messages folder.

4. Payments

Instagram Creator Marketplace | Payments | Instagram.com

The Payments feature is coming soon. Once the project is complete, creators can receive funds from a brand through the Instagram app. Moreover, the tool will allow tracking payments within the Tools section of the dashboard.

Instagram’s Branded Content Marketplace

As we can see, Instagram has revealed new features that will help creators and influencers enhance monetization from their content. Mark Zuckerberg confirmed that Instagram works on creator shops, affiliate commerce, and a “branded content marketplace” for influencers.

Creator Shops are addition and extension of Instagram’s existing shopping features. A ”branded content marketplace” is a perfect space to connect influencers with sponsors. In addition, the company believes that this initiative will help monetize opportunities and grow Instagram’s “creator middle class.” Though the deals have not been disclosed, the announcement mentioned “very favorable terms” for creators.

So, let’s wait for these features to roll out and see if they shift the way creators monetize on Instagram.

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Vista Social management of followers | Vistasocial.com
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Vista Social performance tools | Vistasocial.com
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Today is an excellent time to be creative on Instagram as the platform continues to expand and support the creator economy. For influencers interested in partnering with new brands and for brands looking for talented creators Instagram creator marketplace is a powerful program to do it. No more manual searching for partners. A creator marketplace will help you build Instagram marketing campaigns quickly, unite with high-quality creators, and ultimately reach your audience more effectively. 

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