April 7, 2021 - Natalya

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Instagram Link in Bio: Drive More Traffic to Your Website

The success of Instagram only confirms the hypothesis that niche segregation is the social media market’s future. Today social networks are divided not only by user type, such as LinkedIn, for professional contacts but also by content type. While Pinterest and Instagram are dedicated exclusively to graphic content, it was Instagram that became a fantastic success story. So, it would be reckless not to use such a “live” platform in the interests of your business and brand promotion. 

Many social media marketers launch their campaigns to attract attention and send potential customers to a product page or website. When people find a brand on social media and decide they want to learn more, they use the link in that company’s bio to start the search.

A social media bio is where organizations, influencers, and individuals share essential information about themselves. The bio may contain detailed information about the business’s nature, what it sells, and contact information.

This post will talk about the Instagram link in bio and how to use this instrument properly to drive traffic to your web resource.

What is an Instagram Link in Bio?

A link in bio is a clickable URL that visitors use to visit what you consider to be your most valuable web page on the Internet. For some people, it is a product page; for others, it is a landing page or an “About us” section.

Instagram appears to be the most complex among social networks when it comes to a link in a bio. Instagram posts do not allow links. While you can post links in your captions, the URLs will not be clickable, meaning that your followers should copy and paste the content. Instead, individual Instagram posts often direct users to a link in the bio.

Instagram only allows one link in your bio, as well as multiple hashtags. Brands with a business profile may also include “Directions,” “Call,” and “Email” buttons, but they will not have the same creative latitude as with their bio link. This means that choosing a link in the bio for Instagram is especially important. Businesses with a variety of content or products to promote can use a tool that leads users from a single bio-link to a page with multiple links to choose from.

The link in the Instagram bio section has one main goal: to attract traffic from Instagram to the product or page you are promoting.

Benefits of using a link in bio

1. Increase traffic to pages in other social networks

Expand your communities in social networks-Facebook, Twitter, or LinkedIn.

2. Use a constant reminder of a product or service

Your recent posts are not always shown to followers in their feeds or by hashtags. This happens because of the ever-changing Instagram algorithm. The link in the bio ensures that users will see information about the product or event. It does not matter how long ago the post was published.

3. Improve traffic quality and increase engagement

A link to a separate landing page is an easy way to segment your audience. Instead of directing all traffic to the site, send users to different pages. This way, you can analyze the targeted traffic more effectively.

Bonus: People are more likely to stay on the page longer if they see the content they are looking for.

4. Optimization of the publishing process

The link in the bio section eliminates the need to add different links to separate posts. This also reduces the number of complaints and inconveniences for subscribers who clicked on outdated links from the post.

Are you trying to implement an effective marketing strategy and promote your brand on Instagram? Use the link in the bio. This tool offers you advanced data management and analysis capabilities.

How to Use Your Link in Bio

When used correctly, your link in the bio helps to attract attention and loyalty among your customers. The good news is that on all social channels, including Instagram, your link may change over time, promoting seasonal deals or new products.

Here are some ideas to use your link in the bio:

  • Promote a sale or upcoming discount.
  • Draw attention to the product launch.
  • Send people to the landing page or lead magnet.
  • Give more information about yourself via the “About” page.
  • Link to your most popular product.
  • Invite people to participate in a contest or gift giveaway.
  • Send people to popular blog posts.
  • Direct people to a video or podcast.
  • Offer a free sample of your product.

Moreover, you can track your links’ activity and determine which ones bring the most benefit to your brand. The more you track your link in the bio-performance, the more you will be able to update and optimize your bio-section to please your audience and achieve your social media goals.

How to Add a Link to Your Instagram Bio

  1. Open your profile and click on the “Edit Profile” button.
  2. Locate the “Website” field and add the URL you want to have in the bio.
  3. Tap on “Done” to save the changes.

After completing these steps, we recommend you go back to your profile and check how the hyperlink is displayed. It is also helpful to click on it and check if it works fine.

How to Use Instagram Bio Link to Drive More Traffic

While adding URLs is not a complex or time-consuming process, keeping in mind a few things to achieve better results is still important.

1. Define your brand goals

Instagram allows you to add only one link to your profile bio, so you need to make sure it is the right one to achieve your business goal. Do you want to promote your new products? Build brand awareness? Announce a discount, promotion, or special offer? Depending on your goals, the proper link should be added. Ensure the link is not broken and goes directly to the web page you want your followers to visit. 

2. Optimize your Instagram bio link

Do not hesitate to take advantage of such tools like Linkin. bio by Later to optimize the Instagram bio link. It is an easy and free solution to drive traffic from Instagram to your website. How does it work? You should sign up for Later, create your link, and paste it into your Instagram bio. Tag your posts with any URL you want. After that, your posts and their linked pages will automatically be added to your Linkin.bio page. Your subscribers will click the link in your bio and find the page, product, or article they are searching for.

3. Make your bio stand out

Despite your goal, make sure the Instagram bio drives your followers to click that link. You have 150 characters to tell your audience about yourself and include a strong call-to-action. Stand out from the crowd using emojis, special characters, icons, and alternative fonts. When adding new content, do not forget to update your bio to describe up-to-date information.

The Best Link in Bio Tools To Try

Whether you are a blogger, a small company, or a large brand, you may want to share links to multiple pages and products. The market offers a few link in bio tools that create a custom page that stores all the links you want to share. Here are a few examples.

1. Linktree

Linktree tool makes updating Instagram bio links as easy as possible while driving traffic to important content. The platform is straightforward, and subscribers easily perceive its concise user interface.

The basic free version has the tools that small businesses need to make the link in bio as efficient as possible. At the same time, you do not need to pay for using the service.

You will be able to add an unlimited number of links, track the total number of traffic views and clicks on links, change the appearance of a Linktree page with eight pre-designed themes, etc. If you want to customize the Linktree page style, collect leads, and get more detailed reports, you need the Pro version ($6 per month). Connect audiences to all of your content with just one link!

2. ContactInBio

ContactInBio will help you create a multifunctional mini-landing page. Such landing pages promote more meaningful interaction between the audience and the brand. You will get access to the page builder that includes an extensive collection of content blocks. These are image galleries, media players, and comment blocks.

The free version of ContactInBio contains setup and analytics features: your custom profile/bio URL, social media buttons, music services, font selection, link clicks tracking, page visitors analytics, and more. The business version ($4.55 per month) will offer even more advanced features and tools.

3. Shorby

Shorby is a simple and powerful tool for optimizing Instagram links. You can put all the content you want to share in one neatly designed user profile. 

To get started, sign up for a free account with your email. And Shorby will suggest creating a functional micro-page with links to the content. Add multiple links that send subscribers to a blog, website, online store, social media, or YouTube. After, add this page to your Instagram bio. The link will be visible to all users instantly and automatically start directing the audience to specific content.

You can also view real-time analytics on the Shorby dashboard, track clicks and traffic to improve your Instagram business promotion strategy. Pro plan starts from $12 per month.


Building an excellent social media presence is an essential part of online marketing. Instagram has become much more than just a cozy place to like your friends’ photos and text messages. Business owners have taken the opportunity to turn Instagram users into customers.

No doubt, Instagram today is a powerful tool for brand promotion. And a link in your Instagram bio is one of the best ways to ensure business growth through content. Spending just a couple of minutes, you will make the profile as informative and valuable as possible for potential customers. Add links and increase traffic!

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