December 13, 2021 - Brittany Garlin

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Steps to Select the Right B2B Listing Network – For Marketing Agencies

Marketing your agency is not an easy task in 2022. With more businesses online, agencies are maxed out with managing all of their clients. Agencies across the board agree; 2021 was a record year for ad spending, with more growth expected in 2022. According to Magna Global, the U.S. ad market is forecast to exceed $300 billion and the global ad market over $700 billion. Marketing agencies have outgrown their current marketing solutions and are in dire need for tips on how to select the right B2B listing network.

What would be the accurate solution? The perfect B2B listing network. But how can you define what one is perfect for your agency? We at Agency Vista have chalked out the journey of a modern marketing agency. 

The infographic below highlights the various stages and factors a marketing agency owner should keep in mind before zeroing in on the perfect B2B listing network.

How Agency Owners Select the Right B2B Listing Network

1. Discovery

Consider what your ideal client needs are today and what they may be in the future. If you are already receiving feedback from your clients on what they are looking for, list this down! Are businesses coming to your agency for help with targeting a particular audience or with a specific platform? These are all insights into the initial thought process your ideal client may have!

2. Research

Identifying the various opportunities and options available in the market. Where are your prospects currently going for their information? What type of information is important in the decision-making process? 

3. Analysis

Understand what basic features your agency requires and what features can give you an edge over the competition. 

4. Decision

What is the last thing that’s stopping you before moving forward with this tool? Is the price within your budget? Do they have a support team available to assist you? 

Now, back to the infographic!

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