May 17, 2021 - Brittany Garlin

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Top 10 Evergreen Content Ideas to Inspire Your Social Media Strategy

It is undeniable that content is an essential part of your marketing strategy. The importance of content was also confirmed as one of Google’s top three ranking factors, along with backlinks and RankBrain. Still, not every type of content will retain its value over time. Today, we will talk about evergreen content ideas and the types to share on social media.

What is evergreen content? Evergreen content is content whose relevance and value do not have an expiration date and do not depend on current trends or changes in the industry. The name comes from the evergreen – a plant that is green all year round. Such content usually describes the fundamental principles of the industry, which do not change. It continues to attract traffic long after it is first published.

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You can update evergreen publications, add new content, and inform users as soon as the topic becomes relevant again. For example, such content can be a post about making a cool video on social networks. This is always relevant because you will need a decent camera, some idea, and good lighting to cope with the task. How can you update it? You can add which cameras or smartphones to use, which tools are needed for good lighting, and add any new apps that can help. Every time your post is shared — someone mentions your video or guide, the material gets trusted by Google. Slowly and surely, it becomes a source of reliable information.

Key Advantages of Evergreen Content

SEO benefits

Evergreen content ideas are usually long and exhaustive. Search representatives argue that the value of content to users is a stronger ranking factor than any technical parameters combined. That is why some websites get the top positions, even if they are not technically perfect.

Long content ranks better because:

  • It is relevant to more search queries.
  • It has higher uniqueness.


Evergreen content becomes a great method of attracting links and additional traffic. A thorough study of the topic, evidence, refutation of hypotheses, facts, myths, completeness of data, novelty, format — that is why evergreen content is referenced.

Evergreen content reduces the amount of work in the long run.

This is a kind of investment in the future – a fundamental work that requires periodic updating. It is much easier to refine, supplement, and improve the old, effective one than create new content, whose usefulness, relevance, and effectiveness are doubtful.

It is impossible to predict if a new topic will be successful, whether it will attract links, whether it will be ranked in the search. But the content that has already gained a “critical mass” of audience responses, links, and positions in the search, is guaranteed to increase efficiency with qualitative improvement.

Promotion in social networks

The evergreen content becomes the publication that best represents your company/brand in targeted advertising. With one publication, you demonstrate your competence, experience, approach to work, customers and give free value and benefit. Such posts in advertising lead more customers to the website and followers to social network profiles.

Evergreen content provides more data to analyze

When creating and developing one publication, rather than a new one every day, you have more time to analyze and optimize resources (effort, time, budget for promotion).

Over time, such content gains a large number of views, likes, reposts, comments, links, thereby giving more data for analysis. Simply because such content becomes a constant source of traffic from social networks, organic search, and advertising. This type of content allows you to conduct effective experiments with calls to action, lead magnets, forms, formulations, etc.

Now when you are convinced of the high value of evergreen content, the next step is to create it.

10 Evergreen Content Ideas to Share on Social Media

1. Create lists

Combine relevant information on your topic and make lists that can be easily viewed. Add your own comments. The purpose of these lists is to cover all possible questions. And if your list is really useful, customers will come back, remembering you as a valuable source of information.

In addition, numbers and list posts generate more clicks and engagement, encouraging people to share via their social network.

Do not date posts. If it is possible not to specify the date of publication, leave it without a date. This will make it relevant and evergreen.

2. Share your blog posts material 

What about sharing social media updates each time a new blog article is published? A post with a link to your website blog on several social media speeds up its indexing, adding credibility to the site. Moreover, you can re-share evergreen articles if you have any.

Best practices, how-to guides, and other tips and instructions are always relevant. Such evergreen materials can include not only ordinary articles but also video and photo instructions. You can find posts “How to…” on almost any topic on the web, so find a way to stand out. Include videos or images with links to other relevant articles, add variations to the steps to perform, etc.

Also, you can share any blog posts where you or your brand have been mentioned. If the topic is still relevant years down the road, go ahead and reshape it to your social media accounts.

3. Use your evergreen guest posts

We talk about guest blogging, also called guest posting, when you write an article for someone else’s blog to develop your brand, attract the target audience’s attention, generate traffic, and create natural backlinks for your own blog.

Make sure such posts fall into the category of evergreen content and let your audience know that well-known brands and businesses value your content. Do not forget to tag the company you guest-posted for, and they will be able to increase engagement – like/comment/re-share it. You get your name, your words, and links to your own blog in the foreground for a potential audience of thousands or more.

4. Share positive reviews of your company

A post with reviews and recommendations from your loyal customers can bring you both traffic and links for a long time. In addition, if you continue to increase the number of satisfied customers, you can regularly add their reviews to this content.

Reviews are beneficial for users who will make a purchase and are focused on getting more detailed information about services and products.

Do not hesitate to convince your customers to write reviews and publish them on your site; it will be a great source of evergreen content. These reviews will make your brand more reliable and attract more clients.

5. Share useful tips and tricks 

As an expert, you can find your original niche, highlight specific research questions, and offer tips and tricks. It does not matter if you sell donuts, clothes, phones, or info products — your customers will always want to know more about your industry.

If the post becomes outdated, you can always add a block or link to new material or update the data, for example, “10 additional tips” or “5 new tricks”. Give recommendations that will never become outdated, will not lose their relevance, and will not cease to be interesting.

Moreover, you may want to add original images to such posts. Such services as Canva, Giphy, or Infogram empower people and teams to create beautiful content.

6. Promote yourself across other social channels

We bet you have more than one social media account. There is a chance that some followers on one account are not subscribed to your other channel. And, you can quickly get this fixed. Cross-platform promotion uses the maximum number of channels, services, and social media platforms to increase the reach of potential customers.

You can mention something like “Are we connected elsewhere?… (and include the links to your social media accounts).” These evergreen status updates are an excellent solution for growing your social accounts and reaching all groups of the target audience. The main task is to ensure that marketing tools work together.

7. Use tweetable quotes from your publications and blog posts

All social networks are filled with quotes. Quotes from books, interviews, movies, TV shows, even computer games – users are happy to post, repost, like, and comment on them. No doubt, your content contains essential tips that can be transformed into tweetable quotes.

Check out your evergreen posts and pick up some statistics data or just a few sentences that stand out. Copy and paste the quote with a link back to the blog post it on the original website.

Alternatively, you can use the industry leaders’ quotes and share them on your social media channels. Use inspirational quotes with images, e.g., 50 Inspirational Quotes to Motivate You. You can find many online image editing tools on the web to create attractive visuals. 

8. Ask your audience for content ideas 

Thinking about the unique ideas for blog posts can seem like a challenge, primarily when blogs cover almost every topic in the world. How do you write fresh, exciting, and search-engine-optimized content that your audience does want to read? If you are tired of racking your brain, do not worry.

One of the best ways to come up with ideas for blog posts is to ask your audience. This is an excellent solution to creating some simple evergreen social updates and making a good list of ideas to include in your content strategy.

Your Twitter status might be something like, “Do you have any #digital #marketing questions you want me to cover? Let me know, and you will get the answer in my next blog post!”

9. Write about the best books, tools, and sources of information

There are no perfect instructions and methods in any field, but you have every right to preach your way and consider it right if you are an expert.

If your customers’ trust is essential to you, your valuable advice will be a good evergreen source of inspiration for readers. For example, a list of the best books or your achievements and trends will always be considered evergreen content.

Your reviews should be detail-oriented and provide detailed information about the services and products you are dealing with. They are especially useful for what customers buy online. Reviews help build trust. You can update them from time to time in accordance with the changes.

10. Use “Did You Know?” questions

Reveal interesting and relatively unknown facts in the posts with the question “Did You Know?”. Simply pick up any stats/exciting facts from one of your evergreen blog posts and put “did you know that” before the fact. 

Also, at the end of such status updates, you can ask your followers what they would do in such a situation. People like to express support and help others with advice. Plus, this is an excellent opportunity to demonstrate your expertise to your subscribers.

And one more thing, do not be afraid to play with different forms of content.

Materials within the context of evergreen marketing most often have the form of:

  • Reviews, own research.
  • Guides.
  • Collections (“10 reasons to implement content marketing in social networks”).
  • Training videos.
  • Cases from personal experience.
  • Reviews of products/services.
  • FAQs.
  • Checklists.
  • Analysis of processes, trends, and phenomena.
  • Interactive online surveys, quizzes, and tests for analysis.

Not all people have the same attitude to the same type of content. Therefore, the strategy should contain as many content types as possible. Over time, you will be able to analyze the preferred format of your target audience and focus on it. The combination of several types of information increases user engagement and has a beneficial effect on indexing by search engines.

Today you can come across various companies using the evergreen content on their platforms. For example, Buffer’s blog centers its content primarily around tutorials, how-tos, listicles, and expert tips. Wikipedia is a well-known evergreen resource where everyone can add and edit information on any topic. Econsultancy blog offers to dig into the details, go niche, and explore new best practices. 

If you are looking for topics for your social media content updates, think of something evergreen! Evergreen content may not be a mandatory point of your strategy, but it will definitely bring positive results.


To create evergreen content, you need to make sure that it benefits your target audience over a reasonable period and remains relevant. As long as you focus on long-term relevance and value, you will create timeless and powerful content. 

Keep in mind that evergreen content is great, but do not think that everything you create should be evergreen. Trendy and up-to-date materials are also important. Such content is ideal for short-term marketing campaigns when you want to attract a lot of traffic and potential customers in a short time. The best content marketing strategy involves a combination of evergreen articles and more burning ones. So, step up your game with evergreen blog posts, but mix them with fresh ones, and you will breathe new life into your marketing campaigns.

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