August 13, 2021 - Brittany Garlin

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Twitter Conversations: New Trends and Insights for 2021

Twitter conversations are happening all the time, and the topics of discussion are continually changing. For brands, it can be difficult to foster conversations that spark true conversation. But, one tweet has the potential to go viral and put your brand in front of millions of users worldwide. All it takes is one person hitting the reply or retweet button, and the power of herd behavior takes off. 

Herd behavior refers to a phenomenon where people join groups and follow the actions of others under the assumption that other individuals have already done their research. The University of Bamberg conducted a study on this exact concept on social media. A qualitative comparative analysis (QCA) using arguments based on herd theory, strength of ties, and social distance show that only “likes” from socially close and knowledgeable users can consistently generate click-through or view-through intentions. In addition, a “like” from a close friend deemed better informed can even make a user click on a sponsored content that was not considered valuable before.

But, how can brands foster Twitter conversations knowing this information? Recently, Twitter shared some insights about users’ moods and the most popular topics. The social media giant mentioned, “People on Twitter are expressing excitement about summer 2021 with positivity to spare. And unlike many of us last year, people are making plans again.” 

Let’s see what Twitter conversations are currently in trend. But, first of all, a few words about Twitter marketing strategy and key metrics to track to be successful on this channel.

What Is a Twitter Marketing Strategy?

Twitter marketing strategy is a plan that marketing teams develop to create, publish, and promote content on one of today’s most popular social networks. With 199 million daily active users, it is safe to say that there is a decent audience to reach and engage. The ultimate goal of most Twitter marketing strategies is to attract new followers and potential customers. From here, you can increase brand awareness, increase conversion, and increase sales.

Top reasons Twitter is a great platform for your marketing:

  • Twitter is easy to use. Sharing and promoting content on Twitter takes a few seconds. This is a straightforward and convenient platform that can be mastered quite quickly. 
  • Twitter expands your reach. With millions of users scrolling through the platform simultaneously, your messages are sure to be seen by someone if you follow the platform’s rules correctly. And if you create exciting content worthy of a click, these simple sharing functions (retweets, mentions, and quotes) will be used.
  • Twitter gives an idea of the industry. You will be able to follow the new trends and interests of the Twitter audience in real-time. Also, you can watch what your competitors are doing. If they develop a new strategy, you can see how successful or unsuccessful it is and learn from their efforts to optimize your strategy.
  • Twitter is a customer service channel for many customers. It is not uncommon for a customer to write a tweet to the brand with concern instead of waiting for hours on the phone line. It is an excellent chance to interact directly and quickly with your audience, increasing their satisfaction and improving your reputation.
  • Twitter is free. What is better than this?

Five simple steps to create a Twitter marketing strategy:

  1. Study your target audience.
  2. Create unique and branded content.
  3. Make a specific publication schedule.
  4. Analyze the results and post more about what works best.
  5. Repeat the steps above.

What Metrics to Track on Twitter

To conduct a successful marketing campaign on Twitter, you need to monitor the correct metrics carefully. There are many metrics and techniques to measure your influence on Twitter. These metrics are similar to what you measure in other social networks: clicks, likes, video views, etc. However, there are also unique indicators that help you understand how well you interact with the audience and whether your strategy needs to be adjusted. 

Top Twitter metrics you should be tracking:

  1. Average Tweet Performance
  2. Audience Type
  3. Engagement Rate
  4. Type of Engagement
  5. Brand Follower Growth
  6. Impressions
  7. Hashtag Performance

Tracking Twitter metrics should give you a general idea of what works and what does not for your audience. You can monitor the most critical KPIs and respond to any adverse changes in time.

Twitter Trends and Insights for Summer of 2021

Quarantine, social distancing, working from home, going to the supermarket in a mask, parties in Zoom – all this has completely changed our usual rhythm of the day and negatively affected our emotional state. People used to share fear, anxiety, and uncertainty. Now the pandemic-ridden world is beginning to recover from the coronavirus and gradually come out of quarantine. Restaurants, sports clubs, hairdressers, and cinemas are opening; air traffic is resuming. People return to their pre-pandemic life and believe that brighter days are ahead.

Twitter Conversations: Summer 2021

Compared to last year and all those signs of depression, anxiety, panic, and fatigue, a shift in emotions has now been observed. Joy has gone up to 17%, and negativity dropped down to 40%.

Moreover, people on Twitter are watching more how-to videos, which indicates that they are getting prepared. Popular topics are beauty videos (+ 373%) and travel tips (+ 133%).

While a crying face emoji occupied the first place in Twitter conversations in 2020, now the crying-laughing face emoji is back again. 

People Want Brands to Join Positive Vibes 

The research shows that people are enjoying summer 2021 and want brands to be on the same wavelength. So while businesses are expected to be positive (+70%), they also need to be informative and supportive (+65%).

A brand positioning message is a phrase that reflects what business offers, its target audience, and the advantages of the brand. Today it is essential as never for brands to think positively and transmit a positive brand message. Moreover, positive content is a priority – the one that educates and engages the target audience and, importantly, is safe both morally and technically.

All statistics data referenced in this article are from Twitter Marketing Research “Life after lockdown” as of May, 2021.

Bottom Line  

The more you understand your audience the better your brand can connect with them and foster meaningful Twitter conversations. While COVID-19 was a driving force in the conversations last year, now people believe that better days will be coming soon; and they are. Marketers should carry the positivity and stick to the conversations shaping our future to run a successful promotion.

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