June 30, 2021 - Brittany Garlin

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White Label Marketing Services: 7 Ideas To Resell & Make More Money

White label marketing services are a fast-track approach to becoming a “full-service” marketing agency. As your agency starts to grow and more clients ask for additional services, you can find yourself struggling to accommodate their needs on your own. Digital marketing is still growing and with new attribution models coming into play, achieving a full-funnel picture is not a scalable model for advertisers when dealing with multiple campaigns across different platforms while managing numerous clients.

As a digital marketing agency, scaling up to reach new heights can be challenging if you do not have all the services needed by clients. While most digital marketing agencies believe in specializing in certain aspects, it is good to involve white label marketing services as partners for the agency. White label marketing services can effectively make your business look larger than it is and increase reputation. It can also increase profits and revenue, be mutually beneficial, and keep your customers happier with the end results. Provided you get reliable and trustworthy white label marketing services that can be appropriately managed; you can quickly expand the business to get a better clientele. 

When it comes to online visibility for the business, there are areas where white marketing label services can be helpful:

  • Website
  • Brand Image
  • Content Creation
  • Graphic Designing
  • Customer Relations
  • Social Media Marketing and Services
  • Marketing Strategy and Execution
  • Email Marketing
  • Advertising Campaigns
  • Conversion Rate Optimization (CRO)
  • Website Speed Ups
  • App Development
  • Search Engine Optimization (SEO) And Link Building
  • Pay Per Click (PPC)

All the above services can help increase revenue and profits. These services can be of great use to digital marketing agencies to increase market share, start, or expand an existing business. 

It is possible to expand white label marketing services to resell in the following seven areas. These areas will help increase revenue and profits in the long term and will help build the reputation of your digital marketing agency. 

White Label Marketing Services 7 Ideas To Resell & Make Money

1.  Website Speed

Most businesses tend to overlook website speeds. However, it is noted that the majority of companies expect users to wait for the page to load. Doing this may cause user boredom, and viewers may decide to shut the page and move on. Businesses that do not optimize webpage speeds may see a remarkable decrease in viewers, leading to loss of customers over time. Focusing on increasing webpage loading times and decreasing wait times is ideal for keeping viewers engaged at all times. Mobile viewership should also be of prime importance as most customers click on links from their smartphones instead of laptops or desktop devices. 

For digital marketing agencies, white label marketing services that optimize website speeds are crucial for increasing customer engagement on client sites. While website speed may not be a Key Performance Indicator (KPI), it will reflect poorly on the bottom line if the traffic is increased, but there is a loss of engagement on the website. One way to tackle this issue is to optimize speeds on all devices. 

White label marketing services for website maintenance and optimization are critical for renewed interest. To figure out if the client site is content-rich and takes longer to load, you should run the initial sites through Google PageSpeed Tools. Doing this will give you an idea of how long the site takes to load and which pages need optimizing. 

Site cookies, large image files, parsing of JavaScript, and other factors may also lead to a delay in website loading times. Ensuring that the website is ready to host large amounts of content and is optimized to accept high traffic is ideal for increasing user engagement and eventually increasing revenue. White label marketing services that help maintain and increase site speeds and secure the sites are needed for long-term benefits. 

2. Conversion Rate Optimization (CRO)

Digital marketing agencies that are experienced, reliable, and execute fabulous marketing strategies usually know how to direct traffic and increase the market share of their clients. However, if all the efforts are excellent but the conversion rate is low, all the hard work will go to waste. At the end of the day, all digital marketing efforts are made to ensure high conversion rates. 

Conversion Rate is simply the act of getting a customer to do the action needed. For example, if the website aims to get people to sign up for email newsletters or download pdf documents, or buy the products, the conversion rate would be measured in terms of how many users or visitors have followed the action. 

Although the purpose of Conversion Rate Optimization (CRO) is to make regular, minor improvements to the actions of users, it can be a game-changer in the marketing process. Conversion rates and a high number of engaged followers or users can raise revenue, increase brand image and reputation, and eventually make the client site an Authority. 

Search Engine Optimization (SEO) and Pay Per Click (PPC) can only help up to a limit. Both these services help drive traffic to the sites (in different ways), but CRO is needed for actionable steps that lead to conversions. CRO helps marketers gain improved customer insights and allows for better scalability. Since digital marketing agencies have to keep a watchful eye on the budget, CRO helps in scaling the business without running out of finite resources to gain customers. 

3. Search Engine Optimization (SEO) Link Building

SEO link building is a tricky aspect to outsource to white label marketing service providers. While SEO is extremely critical, it is best not to outsource all the SEO. There are too many dynamic and moving parts in the SEO process for digital marketing agencies that can take the bulk of the importance away. Not only is this counterproductive, but also excessively risky. For example, as a digital marketing agency, you will have to conduct website audits and present the findings and results to the client. If you outsource the audit and are not wholly up to date on the SEO process, you may lose out on critical data points. You will have to answer questions that the client asks about the audit. 

It is also an excellent practice to resell SEO services only if you are confident about the SEO and have previously ranked several websites. If you’re unsure about SEO, it is not advisable to outsource this white label marketing service. 

Another way to get the work done is through link-building services. Finding a reliable link-building service provider should be a priority. For agencies, it is best to invest in high-ranking, good-quality links that get traction regularly. Purchasing links that are cheap may turn out to be more effort than they are worth. 

When tracking the SEO of clients, it is always best to use your own software. Most digital marketing agencies purchase their software to keep track of the SEO and link-building process to analyze the data. Depending on the information gathered, you may have to change or adjust the digital marketing strategy. 

Ways to raise the client’s authority domain and ranking wholly based on keywords and terms:

  • Content creation and optimization with client-specific keywords and terms
  • Excellent reporting dashboard for progress on SEO link building services
  • Detailed metrics and analysis for improved SEO with weekly comparisons
  • Documentation of the SEO process and thorough and frequent updates

4. Social Media Marketing 

White label social media marketing is made up of many forms – managed posting, rebranding social media products, social media content creation, and much more. Almost all these media marketing solutions can be rebranded and sold at reseller price points to businesses. 

Social media is critical for all businesses today, and marketing on social media must be done with great care and strategy. Since social media marketing can get countless followers, it is prudent to have clients on the right online platforms.

Social media marketing is a powerful tool that helps businesses:

  • Increase brand awareness
  • Engage with customers by taking part in conversations
  • Interact daily with consumers
  • Increase call to action by placing actionable buttons on posts and communities like ‘message us,’ ‘sign up, ‘buy now, and so on.

Many small businesses do not have in-house marketing experts and reach out to digital marketing agencies for assistance. If not for the employees, small business owners do not have the time to tap the potential of social media. Offering white label social media solutions helps increase client market presence and increases their traffic and conversion rates. Since digital marketing agencies have the skills, talent, and experience in handling and maintaining large and small social media accounts, it is prudent to resell these services and make more money. 

When choosing a white label social media marketing service, it is best to select a service or platform that is re-brandable, mobile-optimized, and supports all functions and services necessary – comments, images, GIFs, post engagements, shares, likes, and so on. 

5. White Label App Development

White label apps are those that are built by private companies and App developers and rebranded and resold. White label Apps can also be extremely specific applications that are to be sold by multiple resellers. 

For most businesses, having an App is an added advantage. Most large and many small and medium-sized businesses invest in getting Apps built to increase customer engagement and retention. All major retail brands have shifted focus to App sales rather than desktop or browser sales. While the numbers on both are still high, it makes sense for many businesses to invest in App solutions to scale their growth models. 

App development is complex, detailed, and time-consuming. For digital marketing agencies, it could get challenging to have an in-house app development team. By outsourcing this service to white label app providers, digital marketing agencies can save on expenses and additional overheads without worrying about the cost of development. 

The development of Mobile Apps can be a massive value-add for clients. The added service can bring interest from a lot of clients and can help you grow. 

When selecting a white label app developer, you should ensure the following:

  • Customized Apps for each client
  • Progress reports and beta testers
  • Quality Assurance testing for each App
  • Continued support on Android and iOS platforms even after App development
  • Supports multiple versions and updated patches

6. Content Creation

White-label content creation services, simply put, are when digital marketing agencies hire or purchase outsourced content and sell it to clients as their own. The content created could be video content, written content, blog posts, social media, web copy, and much more. 

The whole reason for using white label content creation services is that there is no shortage of custom-written content. Many digital marketing agencies create content for other agencies. Many online platforms also help digital media agencies purchase specialized content that fits the client’s needs. A monthly writing service or a contract service is a fabulous way to save money in the long term and get quality content for the client. 

Content creation is necessary to drive traffic and rank higher on search engines. All pieces of digital presence need content from videos that need scripts to blog posts, articles, and website landing pages. Content creation is critical for maintaining a reputable social media presence. Creating and handling a blog also helps clients rank much higher than average on SERPs (Search Engine Results Pages).  

Since many businesses do not have well-developed blogs or the time and expertise to write and market them, offering white label content creation services to clients is a good business strategy. Maintaining the quality of content and ensuring that it is relevant and SEO optimized can help you save a lot of money and drive the revenue higher.

7. Graphic Designing

White label graphic designing is a highly sought-after service where graphic designers do customized work that can be rebrand and resold for a price to a digital marketing agency. Graphic designers and creators may or may not work directly with your clients, but you will control everything (as an agency). Like content creation, graphic designs are re-brandable but visual instead of written. Graphics are needed as logos, brochures, business cards, content designs, presentations, annual reports, and much more. 

Graphic designs help make the content stand out. Graphics also help users and target audiences identify with the brand and business in the long term. A strong brand identity with a destinct design will help the client stand out amongst competitors. Graphic designs that are aligned with the company content voice help the business perform better than average. 

As a digital marketing agency, offering graphic designing services to clients as an add-on to existing services will help boost the chances of gaining additional business. You can also add graphic designs as a bundle with other social media graphics and posts to drive traffic and build brand recognition and reputation. Graphic designing is an excellent upselling opportunity that will add hugely to the revenue. 

When finalizing a white label graphic design service provider, you should always ensure:

  • 100% originality in designs and concept
  • Unlimited revisions
  • Unlimited conceptualization in design

How To Choose A White Label Partner?

Choosing a white label partner should not be something done overnight. It should be a long process with a lot of consideration since these partners will be responsible for doing a part of the work assigned to you. 

Things to consider before you selecting a white label partner:

1. The reputation of the partner or vendor

When discussing the finer points of the services, it is best to ask the vendor to provide references. You must ask yourself if the vendor is an expert in the chosen field and if they have a history of delivering great work.

2. Track record of the vendor

You should check the vendor’s previous work and track history and how many clients they already have. You should also check if they are purely white label providers or sell in the same marketplace. If they do, you should check if they have any instruments in place to avoid a conflict of interest. 

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