July 1, 2022 - Natalya

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IG Reels Ideas to Go Viral for Brands and Agencies

Every brand or agency using Reels in their strategy aims to get a number of views and go viral. But, the best way to go viral on the app is through having IG Reels ideas that will resonate with your audience.

So, how do you do this? One of the best-kept secrets to having your Reel go viral is leaning into other platforms for support with idea creation, video editing, and trend discovery!

Agency Vista has researched and compiled the top 5 IG Reels ideas and tips to go viral for brands and agencies. Let’s take a look!

Why Post to Instagram Reels?

Instagram has been trying to add more features to stay competitive with TikTok. You may be wondering if it even makes sense to post on Reels with Instagram’s original content algorithm penalizing logos (i.e., TikTok watermark) on the app.

Reels can quickly take off on the platform and provide brands with a competitive edge.

But, is it true that posting Reels can boost your Instagram engagement and expand your audience? Let’s check the stats below.

  • Studies have showed that TikTok is a better platform for influencers, but Reels are better for brands.
  • 86% of consumers say they would purchase, try or recommend a product when content is rated as share-worthy.
  • 87% of Gen Z’s consider Reels and TikTok “basically the same.” That is a good signal for marketing, as Instagram has more marketing capabilities that are not available on TikTok.
  • Instagram Reels ads reach 10.9% of the total population (aged 13+).

As you can see, IG Reels are a real growth hack right now, and if you don’t have a well-crafted strategy for them, you are missing a huge opportunity for your brand.

Reels provide businesses with the opportunity to scale quickly and for free. However, organic promotion works effectively only when some factors are taken into account:

  • Your videos must be high-quality, creative, dynamic, emotional, and attractive.
  • You should upload Reels when your target audience is active and ready to consume and respond to content.
  • IG Reels can and should be duplicated in Stories and the feed — this way, you can reach the current audience.

Discover more tips on how to win over Instagram Reels algorithms and boost engagement rates. And the following 5 IG Reels ideas will help you go viral and gain massive followers.

5 IG Reels Ideas and Tips to Go Viral for Brands and Agencies 

1. Use Copy.ai for Unique Reels Ideas

There is nothing worse than struggling to come up with new IG Reels ideas, filming the idea, and the video tanking in engagement.

But, what if there was a way where you could have the ideas come to you in seconds? Copy.ai can help you hack the content ideation process by leveraging their AI-based social media content generator.

The interface is relatively straightforward – you need to specify your niche and the topic you want the ideas about. And, that is it – you’ll get exclusive content ideas for your next IG Reels or social media post in seconds.

With Copy.ai, brands and agencies come up with new content ideas 10x faster, engage their audience, and never struggle with the blank page again. Start with free tools to evaluate the service and enjoy social media marketing without the headaches.

2. Create Your Reel in Clipchamp 

While it used to feel prohibitively expensive to shoot and edit, today, you only need a smartphone, an app, and a clear vision of the final result.

Clipchamp’s free online video editor is an excellent choice if you are ready to share authentic IG Reels with your audience. Like Canva, it focuses on the needs of brands and agencies that want to make a quick hit on social media using meme-like and template-based designs. 

IG Reels Ideas | Using Clipchamp | Clipchamp.com

Except for standard video editing features, you will get access to a library of free video templates for any industry. Plus you can customize the video to stay on brand and consistent with your strategy. Swap in your footage, change the background music and text and add a logo to create your personalized social video.

Video templates are the easiest way to get ideas for your next IG Reels and stick within the specific guidelines for each video placement. No experience needed; edit clips of all sizes directly in-browser and captivate potential customers with a mix of high-quality stock footage, transitions, audio, and text. 

3. Don’t Record Reels In The App 

Unfortunately, filming within the Instagram app does not always create a polished and professional-looking video. Moreover, if you post Reels that are poor quality, blurry, or recycled from other social media platforms (hello, TikTok watermark), your Reels will be deprioritized on the Explore Page and the Reels tab. 

It’s recommended to film your Reels outside of the app using a professional camera or even the iPhone camera app instead.

If you have a tripod, lights, or audio equipment, use them. For example, put your phone/camera on a tripod, orient it to shoot vertically, and turn on some lights – this way, you will improve the quality of the video.

  • Adjust your camera settings – Turning on the grid feature will help you compose the subject in video shots.
  • Consider resolution and frame rate options – Stick to a vertical video resolution of 1080 x 1920 pixels and 30 fps to maximize video quality and phone storage.
  • Check lighting and sound – Experiment with lighting, audio, and camera settings to find what works best for you.

4. Hook Your Viewer

The rapid growth in the popularity of video content makes marketers wonder — how to attract the attention of viewers? Numerous viral videos have been analyzed to conclude that the first 3-5 seconds matter.

If you do not grab the user’s attention in the first few seconds, there is a good chance they will stop watching your video. Moreover, a powerful beginning leads to the topic of your video. You can start with an exciting question or a key conclusion. Check out a few examples below.

  • ‘You won’t believe this.’
  • ‘X reasons why _____.’
  • ‘Something you didn’t know.’
  • ‘Simple important tip.’
  • ’10 (insert tooltips) I wish I knew earlier.’
  • ‘Top 5 (sites/creators) I use to do ___.’
  • ‘How I got x in 24 hours.’
  • ‘Nobody is talking about ____.’
  • ‘This is why your ____ isn’t working.’
  • ‘Here are x tiny tips that can help you do ____.’

The most crucial aspect of your video hook is its directness and brevity, which will encourage viewers to continue watching.

5. Search Your Niche on TikTok

TikTok is currently the leader in short form video content. This means that many of the sounds, dances, and trends that you see on other platforms like Instagram, were actually created on TikTok.

Search your niche on TikTok | Tiktok.com

But, TikTok also has a cool feature that can be used to spark IG Reels ideas. Here’s how to search your niche on TikTok:

  1. Open up the TikTok app and go to the search bar. Type in your niche (i.e., fitness, health, wellness, business, marketing, finance).
  2. Filter the results by upload time (i.e., this month, last 3 months, last 6 months) and ‘Most Liked’.

This way, you will watch popular bloggers in your niche and have a ton of IG Reels ideas for your account.


These are just a few IG Reels ideas for brands and agencies to craft viral video content. It is essential to note that there is no magic recipe for creating an Instagram Reel worth millions of views. Still, whatever your niche is, the tips we shared above will help you craft engaging Reels for your brand or business.

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